‘I-Kid-ARod’ teaches value of perseverance, students say

Central Elementary 3rd-graders compete in their own version of the 1,000 mile Iditarod race
LINCOLN – Students at Lincoln Central Elementary are learning that there’s much more to a race than coming in first. In fact, some students say, cheering for the last-place finisher is even more of a celebration than congratulating the winner. That’s the case with the “I-Kid-ARod,” according to 3rd... more

Apex property price appears too high for PawSox

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PAWTUCKET – The owners of the Apex site on the downtown riverfront are said to be asking for far more money from the Pawtucket Red Sox than the team’s owners are willing to spend on the new stadium property, according to two city sources. Owner Andrew Gates is seeking more than $20 million for his... more

Council rebuffs mayor’s call to ban cell phones

CUMBERLAND – Mayor Bill Murray’s resolution to ban cell phone use by Town Council members during meetings won’t be finding its way... more

School board won’t accept $2 million in staff cuts

Deficit spending budget heading to Town Hall
CUMBERLAND – The cuts it takes to produce a balanced budget for next year are so devastating to students, school board members said... more

Business owners challenge city’s new tobacco law

Change banning flavored tobacco delayed until July 1
WOONSOCKET – When the City Council created a new licensing process for tobacco sellers and banned the sale of flavored products last... more

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