Suds up with Foolproof's beer soap

Suds up with Foolproof's beer soap

PAWTUCKET - For those who have a love of beer so strong that they would even consider bathing in it, owners of Foolproof Brewing Company say they have just the right thing at their facility off Mineral Spring Avenue.

Foolproof beer soap, one of several new products produced by the Pawtucket-based brewery, is gaining a following of avid beer lovers across Rhode Island, corresponding with a nationwide trend. The beer soaps come in "Backyahd," "Barstool," and "Raincloud" beer varieties.

We checked in with Nick Garrison, owner of Foolproof, to share a little about the aromatic soap bars that have people talking.

Tell us more about this beer soap. Where did it come from?

Garrison: "First off, it's amazing. Made down in Newport. Local guy reached out to us, and we gave him some beer to make the soap. He made three different types. Company is called Spindrift."

The question is, why would someone want to smell like beer?

Garrison: "Ha, well oddly enough, even though the soap is made from beer, it doesn't really smell like it (you can smell the IPA a bit though). There are other ingredients such as agave, carrots, lemon, peppermint, etc., that provide the bulk of the aroma."

So is it just the quirky factor or does the beer soap actually have healthy qualities?

Garrison: "The beer is apparently very good for your skin."

Do you yourself use the beer soap? Garrison: "But of course!"

Colby Field, of Spindrift Soap Company, said that beer is a highly moisturizing additive to soap. The hops in the beer soothe the skin and the beer also has antibacterial properties, he said. There are no detergents included, said Field, and the soap has a healthy pH balance of 80. "Just a great soap all around," beer soap uses essential oils and includes no colors or additives, said Field.

Foolproof's beer soap retails for $6. For more visit .