Community volunteers mark storm drains

Community volunteers mark storm drains

SCITUATE – Three Scituate high schoolers and teacher Shannon Donovan partnered with the Northern Rhode Island Conservation District last month to mark more than 20 storm draims.

The project operated under the slogan “No dumping, drains to resevoir” and was funded by Providence Water as part of the ongoing Scituate Resevoir Watershed Education program, which seeks to preserve the Scituate resevoir.

“Many people are surprised to learn that storm drains in the neighborhood carry water directly to the Scituate Resevoir, not to any sort of underground treatment facility or storage tank,” NRICD outreach and education coordinator, Molly Allard, said.

NRICD has partnered with Scituate High School on watershed protection projects before – in 2013 the two collaborated on the installation of a large rain garden at Town Hall.

North Scituate Village is part of the watershed that feeds Regulating Resevoir, which is a small component of the Scituate Resevoir system. The resevoir provides drinking water for more than 60 percent of Rhoder Islanders.