Woonsocket boy recovering after fall from third floor porch

Woonsocket boy recovering after fall from third floor porch

WOONSOCKET — A young boy who fell from a third-story porch on Wood Avenue on Wednesday, June 14 was back home and recovering by the end of the week.

John Rosario, 9, was reportedly playing on the porch when a railing gave way. He was taken to Hasbro Children's Hospital where he received several stitches and was treated for facial injuries.

The city's building inspector is still investigating the case.

Family members have said they complained about the loose railing prior to the incident.


The landlord should be fully responsible for this. It's unacceptable to neglect a 3rd floor railing for gods sake.

Woonded - The mayor's lapdog (likely relative) - looking to create issues - let's sue the mayor! She is responsible for everything that happens in the city. Maybe we can attached her US postal service disability pension!

And of course no blame should be placed on the parents who let their 9 year old child play on the crappy porch. Novel idea....if the house is unsafe move and certainly do not allow your children to play in known unsafe areas until you move.