New pet shop lands in Cumberland

New pet shop lands in Cumberland

Kayleigh Rollins, of North Attleboro, Mass., stands in front of one of the pet washing stations at Pet Valu at 2000 Mendon Road in Cumberland. Andreas Burr, of Townsend, Mass., dressed as a dalmation, stands behind Rollins. (Breeze photos by Brittany Ballantyne)
New pet shop in Cumberland aims to be community partner, please pet 'parents' and animals

CUMBERLAND – At Cumberland’s newest shop, furry friends that walk through the door at 2000 Mendon Road get a belly rub and treat for good behavior, managers say.

Pets can check out the “cookie bar,” where dog treat “pastries” resemble donuts, pretzels, pizza slices and beer mugs, or step into a tub in the washing station at Pet Valu, a supplies and services shop for small animals and their “parents” that recently opened in town.

The store offers more than 7,000 products, ranging from “alternative foods” like raw or dehydrated foods for pets with limited ingredients to bathing materials, leashes and collars, bedding, toys and accessories, Anna DiGregorio said.

She serves as marketing director for the U.S. branches, and said the company offers thousands of items for pet owners to choose from. At Pet Valu, she explained, associates and managers offer up their expertise and compassion for animals, and support their surrounding community.

Each employee in the store completes a course with the University of California Davis School of Veterinary Medicine to become nutritionally certified in cats, dogs and small pets, she explained, meaning associates can recommend specific foods or treats for the animals based on what their needs are.

“It’s not just about saying, ‘hey, you can find that in aisle one,’” she said.

Picture frames of customers’ pets embellish the register counter, and Sara Medeiros, a Pet Valu store manager, explained there’s room for many more.

In her time working for the company, she said with a grin from ear to ear, she’s met animals including geckos, chameleons and a bird that sat on her head while the bird’s “parents” shopped around.

At the store’s dog washing station, she’s seen pups, cats, and even pigs come in for a wash. At Pet Valu, she and DiGregorio said, pet owners can come in and wash their animals themselves for $10. They’re given shampoo to choose from, towels, blow drying tools and an apron, and Pet Valu employees clean up the mess.

DiGregorio said the Cumberland store will also offer grooming services.

At the store’s planned grand opening on Saturday, Sept. 30, DiGregorio said all pet washes are free.

DiGregorio said the Cumberland location, like other Pet Valu stores, will work with community partners to find animals a place to call home, and provides new pet owners with a booklet of essential information.

The shop is open Monday through Saturday from 9 a.m. to 9 p.m., and Sundays from 10 a.m. to 7 p.m.

Visit or call 401-475-2093 for more.

The newly opened pet supply store offers washing stations where pet owners can come in with their animals to bathe them. Towels, blow drying tools, shampoos and aprons are provided, and Pet Valu associates clean up the mess.