Despite Rosemond’s opinion, college visits were helpful

Despite Rosemond’s opinion, college visits were helpful

As the mother of two grown daughters, both of who attended out-of-state colleges, I disagree with John Rosamond’s answer in his column: Are college visits necessary?

Getting a “good feeling” was very important to both of them. When we visited art schools on the East Coast, the Maryland Institute College of Art (MICA) in Baltimore was the favorite, primarily because of the good feeling that emerged from the students, faculty and staff. My daughter attended MICA for four years and returned several years later for a graduate degree. All because of a good feeling.

By the way, our daughters were very independent as students and we never even considered attending their pre- or post-college interviews.

Both are very successful and happy young women; they have their parents love and encouragement.

And we still talk about what fun we had visiting colleges and seeing new places.

Amabel Allen