No ‘witch hunt’ vs. Trump in FBI investigation

No ‘witch hunt’ vs. Trump in FBI investigation

I was dismayed to read Tom Ward’s editorial in this past week’s Breeze, asserting that the FBI’s Russia investigation is a “witch hunt”. I don’t know where the truth lay with regards to Hillary Clinton and her emails, but for Mr. Ward to take the curious conduct of James Comey and the conduct of other FBI executives and conclude from them that Robert Mueller’s investigation of Russia’s alleged interference with the 2016 American election is a political vendetta is a leap too far.

The news now tells us the Clinton Foundation is again coming under scrutiny with the central issue being whether those who donated to the Clinton Foundation were given special treatment by Secretary of State Hillary Clinton – quid quo pros. If investigation reveals criminal culpability, indictments should be sought, and prosecution of all involved should follow. However, no one should conflate and connect this issue with Russia (Vladimir Putin) possibly meddling in what is central to our way of civic life, our elections, something that is far more consequential than the alleged venal corruption of an individual and a foundation.

Decades ago the choosing of presidential candidates was taken from party leaders and given over to a primary system (to the people, if you will). Sadly, this has its downsides, and one of them is this system last autumn gave us the choice of either Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton, two of the least liked and respected political figures to run for President in memory. From this pair much of our angst and anger flow.

Putin does not have our best interests at heart, and those who oppose him often end up either in jail or dead. Recall a Russian, Alexander Litvinenko, who was poisoned with plutonium in England 11 years ago, allegedly by Putin’s agents, resulting in his slow, painful death, after Litvinenko alleged misdeeds by Putin’s security service, the FSB. Sen. Mitch McConnell’s recent characterization of Putin was spot on: “He’s a thug.”

Some months ago, Michael Flynn’s attorney approached Mr. Mueller with an offer to tell what he knows in return for immunity. This is highly unusual, as typically it’s the prosecutor who initiates such a conversation. What’s this tell us? It tells us that Michael Flynn has a tale to tell. If nothing else, his guilty plea to one federal felony count tells us that somewhere, there is a “there, there”. What the “there” is and who is involved is what Mr. Mueller is working to discover. Some “witch hunt”!

None of us should ever view this alleged, domestic, political corruption, and the alleged misconduct of a hostile, foreign power, through the narrow lenses of political party and political ideology.

Harry MacDonald