Was concrete pour prudent in the cold?

Was concrete pour prudent in the cold?

On Wednesday, Jan. 3, the concrete foundation for the new Safety Complex was being poured. I am sure many of us are curious as to the precautions the contractors used to ensure that this installation will be successful. Was the ground prepared to protect against frost, snow and ice? Won’t expansion change the support conditions? While steps can be taken by preparing a proper mix and accelerants used to speed up the curing, that appears to work in “normal” conditions.

We experienced record cold temperatures followed by a blizzard the day after the pour to be followed again by record low temperatures. Were steps taken to avoid a flash freeze of the concrete? Were the molds heated? How can normal curing occur with the abnormal weather?

I ask these questions, because I believe Cumberland residents do not want to hear these words a few years down the road. “The Safety Complex has to be closed because it is unsafe because of flaking and crumbling of the concrete foundation rendering the entire building a danger and it will cost millions to repair.” Is there an agreement with the contractors that they will be responsible if this happens? Let’s not rush the project to just get it done, resulting in wasted dollars. After all, we need that money to address the horrendous traffic problem that occurs daily in this town.

Lois Keenan