Greenville Ave. closures continue

Greenville Ave. closures continue

JOHNSTON – Though representatives for the Narragansett Bay Commission previously said installation of sewer and water pipes along Greenville Avenue was completed Dec. 28, detours and construction continue into January.

Jamie Samons, public affairs officer for the commission, said she likely didn't clearly convey information about the end of the project for a Breeze story last week reporting that detours were ending.

The closure of the entire road on weekdays has ended, but shifting detours still linger.

“Yes, the complete length of pipe is in the ground,” she said this week. “Now we are doing work getting laterals hooked up to residential plots.”

After installing 7,000 feet of new sewer line, and putting in larger water mains, the commission is installing 83 laterals to residential properties. Samons said the contractor will work as long as the weather permits to get the lateral work completed.

That means inconveniences for motorists will be far fewer, she said, but the detours aren't over. Samons said closure between Pine Hill and Poppy Hill should change to single-lane, alternating traffic as the commission finishes putting in a manhole by Smokey Drive, which is anticipated to be done by the end of the week.

“Traffic should ease up,” she said. “It’s getting better, but not perfect.”

The timeline had the project completed in November, but that date was pushed back to December when unforeseen additional ledge needed to be hand-hammered out due to its proximity to gas lines.

Now moving into January, Greenville Avenue area homeowners and motorists say they want to know what the actual completion date is, and when the detours will stop.

“This has been an intense and frustrating project. The end is getting closer,” Samons said.

Responding to an online comment by Doreen Finn, who asked if there was an end in sight, someone from the commission said, “The last pipe was laid on Wednesday (Dec. 28) night. Now it’s a couple days of testing and cleanup, then we final pave in the spring after the ground has had a chance to settle. So: the end is near!”

The commission gives frequent updates through a variety of avenues. Residents’ requests for information about detours are answered often.

“I’ve been incredibly impressed, the people in the area are an involved citizenry,” Samons said.

Road construction continued into this week, and a Jan. 5 commission update said Greenville Avenue had closures between Golini Drive and Atwood Avenue. Accompanying detours sent motorists through Golini Drive, causing annoyance among local residents.

“I thought the road was open. We on Poppy Hill are real frustrated. We were told it is now open permanent. So is (the) road open or do we keep going (through) detours," commented one resident.

Samons said that area of closure should be open to one-lane traffic soon. She said she understands the detours in the area cause a struggle, and hopes opening traffic will make the work bearable.

“Traffic on Greenville will be limited but at least it will be there,” she said.

As of now, a final layer of pavement is set to be laid in April, which should put the finishing touches on the project.