Kaleidoscope offers independent lifestyle for disabled residents

Kaleidoscope offers independent lifestyle for disabled residents

Kaleidoscope Family Solutions Rhode Island Inc. program manager Kristen Pike can be found in the Scituate office location. (Breeze photos by Jacquelyn Moorehead)

SCITUATE – New to Rhode Island, Kaleidoscope Family Solutions Rhode Island Inc., a home-based therapeutic service, has opened a new office at 26 Hartford Pike in Scituate.

Services, which are covered by Medicaid, are offered to people with disabilities, ranging from educational, behavioral, and medical care to assisting with tasks of daily living.

Kristen Pike, Kaleidoscope’s program manager, said it’s the company’s mission to make positive change by giving people with disabilities an independent lifestyle.

“It’s basically Adulting 101,” she said. “We help with tasks of daily living, anything from helping to get a job, to errands such as laundry and cleaning, basically anything that the person needs to do.”

Kaleidoscope previously served Rhode Island out of an office in Mansfield, Mass. Currently serving eight children and eight adults in Rhode Island, team members work remotely helping with children ages 3-21 and adults age 21 and older. The company is now in seven states up and down the coast.

“This is a good place to start,” Pike said about the new office. “It feels very homey to me.”

She and two other employees work out of the Hartford Pike office.

She said most days she and the recruiter are the only people in the office. Training workers work from clients’ homes.

Consisting of licensed clinicians and trained staff, the company is hiring people from all educational levels. Applicants can come from anywhere across the state, though Pike said she hopes to employ Scituate residents.

“We’re literally all over the place. From Woonsocket to Westerly,” she said. Pike added, where there is a need from clients, the company will go.

The company is growing at a slow and steady pace, according to Pike. In 2018, she said Kaleidoscope plans to continue the growth, and to continue to gain new talent to assist the community.

“We’re excited for the new year and to help new people,” she said.

Visit www.kfamilysolutions.org/rhode-island for more.

The new business, located on Hartford Pike in Scituate, opened its doors November 2017. Serving adults and children with special needs at-home and in-community, the office houses a program manager and recruiter.