Ackerman says she won’t run against Mayor Murray

Ackerman says she won’t run against Mayor Murray

CUMBERLAND – State Rep. Mia Ackerman, a former Town Council member who has represented residents in House District 45, Cumberland and Lincoln, since 2012, says there’s “zero” chance she’ll run for Cumberland mayor against incumbent Bill Murray this year, despite ongoing rumors that she plans to.

“That’s just a rumor,” she said, laughing.

Ackerman told The Valley Breeze she appreciates all the support from people lobbying her to run, including members of the General Assembly, and residents who speak with her when she’s out in the community, but she said she has a lot more work to do at the state level.

“I really pour my heart and soul into being a rep,” she said.

She said she doesn’t feel it would be right to “abandon” her role as a legislator “for my own political purposes.”

North Providence Rep. William O’Brien fueled the rumors about Ackerman last week when he tweeted that he thinks Ackerman would make a great mayor. Told of Ackerman’s assertion that there’s no chance she’ll run, O’Brien responded, “I think you’re wrong!”

Ackerman is referred to by many state and local politicians as “Mayor Mia.” She currently serves as both vice-chairwoman of the House Municipal Government Committee and second vice-chairwoman of the House Health, Education and Welfare Committee.

If Ackerman doesn’t run, there are few other challengers being talked about as possible challengers to Murray.

As for future years, Ackerman didn’t rule out a potential run for mayor.

“We’ll take this one term at a time,” she said.


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New Mayor...and that different individuals are lining up (Behind the Scenes) to do so!


I certainly understand politics, and the nature of the beast wherein certain individuals have chosen politics as a path to a future!

Sometimes that path is one of seeking Full Time employment as an Elected Official within the Public Sector...sometimes a Part Time position (Town Council or School Committee). This done for one of two reasons!

#1 - To give back, in some way, to the community in which one lives!

#2 - A stepping stone to a possible, down the road, run for a Full Time Elected Office!

Many times (Most Times) this comes about because an individual feels they (he or she) can do a better job then the individual presently serving in the office they seek!

This also brings about something I love to bring forth:

"The Peter Principal": It formulated by the very famous Canadian Educator, Dr.Laurence a concept in management theory .

The Peter Principle is an observation that the tendency in most organizational hierarchies, such as that of a corporation, is for every employee to rise in the hierarchy through promotion until they reach the levels of their respective incompetence. It also comes about as a result of highly respected individuals, having been a round and loyal for a long period of time "Deserve a Chance"!

Over the years this theory has also become, very much, a part of the Political Scene wherein similar kinds of individuals are elected into their level of incompetence.

Something we see an awful lot of here in Rogues awful, awful lot!!!

And, unfortunately, when that takes place the harm is, more often then not, worse then when it occurs in the Private Sector.

I only mention this because, in my opinion, and I'm a Republican speaking about a Democratic Mayor, we presently have in Mayor "Bill" Murray one of the BEST Mayors to ever serve in the position!

That being the case...why would anyone want to replace him, they possibly thinking they have the abilities to do better...when they don't?

Murray started as a part-time town council member and then became McKee's hand-picked successor for full-time mayor (having been loyal and around long enough to "deserve a chance"). Since he's unlikely to run for state-wide office then it certainly seems that he's risen to the highest level of his incompetence.

Indeed, why would anyone want to replace him when we have Alfaracer's word that he's the "BEST mayor to ever serve in the position". Sadly, in Cumberland's recent history that's not much of an accolade to begin with.

Maybe those contemplating a run against Murray disagree with your rosy picture of his tenure and are taking a page from Dr. Seuss, "Unless someone like you cares a whole awful lot, Nothing is going to get better. It's not."

Mia has, time and time again, proven that she is a level-headed, smart, and tireless advocate for her district. She's someone who *constantly* volunteers here in town. She is accessible to her constituents, and actually listens to our concerns, trying to help whenever and however she can. She is also able to make tough decisions with a clear, logical, and professional approach.

I, for one, would love to see her represent Cumberland as Mayor. She would be a breath of fresh air!

I really think someone needs to challenge him. A breath of fresh air is needed. A level headed mayor is needed. A less self serving mayor is needed. Ask him about sidewalks in tow. Go ahead. He's done some good things, but it seems during an election time, of course he would. Perhaps someone who would listen to the people instead of chastising them would be a wonderful thing! If I thought I was qualified I'd run against him, unfortunately, I am not.