Officials doing homework on covered trash totes

Officials doing homework on covered trash totes

NORTH PROVIDENCE – The Town Council, at Councilor Stephen DiLorenzo’s request, is seeking a request for proposals from various sanitation companies as they prepare to see what it would take to go to an automated trash program with covered totes.

DiLorenzo, who’s been trumpeting his desire to add covered trash totes for a while, as one way of cleaning up the town and limiting its rat population, said he knows the matter will be a hot topic during the upcoming budget season, and “I want to make sure we’re ready for it.”

The Town Council’s finance subcommittee voted last May to have Mayor Charles Lombardi look into a proposal to buy trash totes for everyone in town, at a cost of some $500,000 or more, but that initiative never came to fruition.

DiLorenzo first broached the idea of covered totes picked up by an automated truck arm when he was running for office in October of 2016.

With the town’s contract with waste service provider MTG Disposal set to run out soon, now is the time to see what’s out there on costs to incorporate bins, said DeStefanis.

North Providence was one of the last Rhode Island communities to switch over to automated recycling and the 95-gallon wheeled totes that come with it in 2015. When that program was rolled out then, some 12,000 recycling totes were distributed. The cost of the recycling bin program was $42,000 per year over the last four years of the contract with MTG.

DeStefanis said he thinks the Town Council is “on the same page” in its goal of “taking care of the health and safety needs” of the community, and covered trash totes will go a long way toward improving quality of life. The amount of money needed for the program, he said, “to create a better environment for all of us,” represents about “one half of one percent in our budget.”

The request for proposals seeks cost amounts for sanitation services with or without covered totes included.