Fecteau promises to be independent leader

Fecteau promises to be independent leader

PAWTUCKET – Matt Fecteau, Army veteran, Pawtucket resident, and Democrat running for Senate District 8, says the city is at a crossroads in the special election.

“I am running to reform our broken political system,” he said in a release. “Unfortunately, my opponent will continue to be the voice of political insiders, party bosses, and wealthy lobbyists. I personally like Ms. (Sandra) Cano, but her campaign is being run and funded by the same consultants and party bosses who are working for the PawSox and other wealthy interests.”

While he supports the PawSox staying in Pawtucket, “I am deeply skeptical about the amount of public funding they have requested, especially given the $180 million maintenance backlog facing our schools,” added Fecteau. “My opponent, Ms. Cano, wants to give the team a blank check with our tax dollars and opposes a public referendum that gives voters the final say.”

He said he supports letting Pawtucket voters decide how their money should be spent.

“I support a referendum; my opponent opposes one,” he said. “That’s the difference between us – I want to represent the people, she will represent the insiders. They already have enough friends in the legislature.”