Karsulavitch: I want to make a difference

Karsulavitch: I want to make a difference

PAWTUCKET – Richard Karsulavitch, Republican candidate in the Feb. 27 primary for the Senate District 8 seat, said he’s looking to “make a difference in the way the city of Pawtucket views politics.”

“Many believe that because I am a Republican, I have no chance of winning,” he said in a release. “I hope to prove that belief wrong. Pawtucket needs a leader who has no special interests. I have no endorsements from any political or special interest groups. My only commitment is to the voters of District 8.

Karsulavitch said he’s unknown in the political world, “which I see as a strength.”

A key component of the democratic process is that any registered voter is able to run for office, he notes.

“I believe that multiple candidates from the parties on a primary ballot provides choice and diversity which provides the people with the option to vote for the candidate they believe will serve them and their interests best – not the interests of political parties and special interest groups,” he said.

He said he’s vested in the city, having lived here his whole life.

“I want the city of Pawtucket to grow and prosper, and I can help make this happen,” he said.