Norton: Let’s focus on truth, not baseless charges

Norton: Let’s focus on truth, not baseless charges

Ethan Shorey of The Valley Breeze, misled readers last week by publishing accusations against me that are blatantly false. Specifically, an opponent accused me of harassing and intimidating voters and collecting false signatures.

The baseless charges have been thrown out by the Board of Elections.

I truly hope The Breeze does the truth justice because this campaign should be about issues, not malicious inaccurate personal attacks.

I want to debate issues like the PawSox, Memorial, Medicaid co-pays, state budget priorities and other important issues.

I have challenged my opponents to a debate several times; they rejected the challenge hoping time runs out.

I oppose any taxpayer money being used to fund a stadium. It is the defining issue in this campaign, and it is what separates me from my opponents. Let the billionaires fund it. My challenge for a debate still stands.

David Norton


Candidate for Senate District 8

Editor’s note: The Breeze reported claims from both candidates in last week’s edition, including several of Mr. Norton’s assertions about Matt Fecteau, which we were also not able to verify. Norton was given the opportunity to respond to the claims in the story and The Breeze previewed a meeting where Fecteau’s claims would be considered. A followup story on the outcome of that hearing is in this week’s edition.