Falsehoods of left need correction

Falsehoods of left need correction

Sadly, the Feb. 28 rebuttal to my earlier opinion piece was not a counter-opinion, but rather just more “fake news” from the left. The false assertions were many.

Our R.I. Center for Freedom & Prosperity is indeed a proud member of the State Policy Network (SPN) and its 60 or so “free market” think tanks across the country. But, Ms. Lauren Niedel, a disciple of the progressive-socialist Bernie Sanders, is factually incorrect in last week’s letter when she mindlessly spouts the trite talking-points that our Center has become all too accustomed to:

• SPN is not part of ALEC;

• SPN is not heavily funded by the Koch Brothers;

• and SPN and our Center are not partisan as we do not align ourselves with any political party.

It is unfortunate that the progressive-left and its media allies resort to peddling lies about their political opponents.

Mike Stenhouse


Stenhouse is CEO of the R.I. Center for Freedom & Prosperity.