Fifteen more miles of Pawtucket roads to be repaved in 2018

Fifteen more miles of Pawtucket roads to be repaved in 2018

PAWTUCKET – In 2010, the year leading up to Mayor Donald Grebien being elected and sworn in as mayor, the city saw less than one-tenth of a mile of roadway repaved.

This year, Pawtucket residents will see another 15 miles of road repaved, bringing the total number of miles of new asphalt to 103 since Grebien took office. That 15 miles covers 40 road segments. In many cases, officials have been able to stretch dollars by not repaving the portion of a road deemed in good condition.

Grebien has announced that the Pawtucket Department of Public Works will resume road repaving this week. The first repaving efforts of the spring will take place on Kelton Street beginning at Revere Street and continue up toward Rice Street. Construction on each road segment is typically completed over a span of two weeks, weather permitting.

“We are making significant progress reinvesting in our roads and infrastructure. In the last five years alone, the city has re-paved 81 miles of our roads, and is scheduled to complete 15 miles this year,” said the mayor. “I want to thank our residents for supporting our bond initiative that is making this possible, as well as their patience during construction.”

Here are the numbers of miles repaved each year in Pawtucket:

• 2010 - .07 miles

• 2011 - 7.5 miles

• 2012 - .1 miles

• 2013 - 7.3 miles

• 2014 - 22 miles

• 2015 - 21 miles

• 2016 - 19 miles

• 2017 - 11 miles

• 2018 - 15 miles.

Taxpayers approved a $15 million road bond in 2014. That bond was meant to address about half of the city’s $30 million road problem. Ratings for road segments were established through an independent engineering study in 2013, a move meant to take politics out of the repaving equation.

Grebien has pointed to city roads and schools as two examples of infrastructure that were not seeing significant investments prior to his taking office.

The consistent road repaving has gone unnoticed by some residents, who continue to complain on social media sites that nothing is being done about the condition of city roads.

Roadways are first milled to remove the top surface of the pavement. Once the top surface of pavement is removed, the asphalt is laid. Signage will be posted along the street when work is to be performed. Residents received letters alerting them to the paving in the summer of 2017.

Officials ask that residents and visitors observe parking restrictions so the city can efficiently conduct the work and minimize the impact on residents. Residents are advised that construction progress may also bring dust and noise but the temporary inconvenience “will create better and safer roads for years to come,” states a release, while also paving the way for future economic growth.

Those with questions should call the Department of Public Works at 401-728-0500 ext. 284.

The following list is a planned estimate of all street sections to be repaved this year. Weather conditions or unforeseen events could impact the schedule.

• Kelton Street, from Revere Street to Rice Street

• Julian Street, from Kenyon Avenue to Drolet Avenue

• Clayton Street, from Stearns Street to Benefit Street

• Cumberland Street, from Stearns Street to Benefit Street

• Chaplin Street, from Norris Avenue to Cottage Street

• Linden Street, from Robinson Avenue to Central Avenue

• Elizabeth Street, from Hunts Avenue to Saratoga Avenue

• Bellevue Avenue, from Vine Street to Armistice Boulevard

• Vine Street, from Daggett Avenue South to Grand Avenue

• Windsor Court, from Windsor Road to the cul-de-sac

• First Street, from Liberty Street to Columbus Avenue

• Federal Street, from Newport Avenue to Burgess Avenue

• Ashburne Street, from Ferris Street to Columbus Avenue

• Lowell Avenue, from Gill Avenue to Beverage Hill Road westbound.

• Manistee Street, from Scarborough Road to Miles Avenue

• Kent Street, from Lauder Avenue to city line.

• Talcott Avenue, from School Street to Prospect Street.

• Bacon Street, from Lake Street to Columbus Avenue

• Bacon Street, from Fern Street to Lake Street

• Spring Street, from Grove Street to North Bend.

• Lawrence Street, from Daniels Street to Broadway

• Webster Street, from Sabin Street to Broadway

• Pleasant Street, from Alfred Stone Road to Oak Hill Avenue

• Hillside Avenue, from Roberta Avenue to Swan Street

• Boutwell Street, from Kimball Street to Pawtucket Avenue

• East Avenue, from Lyman Street to 300 East Ave.

• Pleasant Street, from Division Street to Bowles Court

• George Street, from Park Place East to I-95 South

• Cedar Street, from I-95 South on-ramp to Main Street

• Main Street, from Garden Street to North Main Street

• Power Road, from Weeden Street to city line

• Piave Street, from Smithfield Avenue to city line

• Oriole Avenue, from Power Road to city line

• Legion Drive, from Mineral Spring Avenue to Grotto Avenue

• Lonsdale Avenue, from Weeden Street to city line

• Hurley Avenue, from 104 feet south of Mineral Spring Avenue to Lawn Avenue

• Hurley Avenue, from Lawn Avenue to Bloomingdale Avenue

• Forest Avenue, from Humboldt Avenue to Forest Avenue

• Barton Street, from Broad Street to Dexter Street

• And Andrew Ferland Way, from Broad Street to Dexter Street.