Grateful for those protecting Pawtucket

Grateful for those protecting Pawtucket

The R.I. General Assembly will return from its spring break the week of April 23. When it returns, don’t be shocked to see yet another version of the new PawSox stadium legislation.

Only a few insiders know what issues are currently being discussed, but we can only hope that Pawtucket’s tenuous finances will be protected. That is not the case in the current bill, as Pawtucket simply cannot afford the bond payments.

That said, should the insiders get their way and the financing scheme is passed, expect parties, ribbon cuttings, and everybody taking their share of the credit.

If that happens, I think it’s important that a small group of Pawtucket residents be recognized for standing up against the insiders and opposing the first two versions of the legislation that exposed Pawtucket to fiscal disaster.

We were criticized as Anti-Pawtucket and called stupid, among other things. Our motives were impugned from day one. Despite this, we testified at hearings, made phone calls, and communicated our message via social media. I think we were successful in making our point. We refused to roll over in exchange for a free hot dog.

In the event that the insiders get to take their bows, please remember the people who no doubt won’t be invited to the festivities, but should hold their head high because if Pawtucket’s finances are protected, they are the reason why.

Thank you to Rep. Dave Coughlin, Councilman Tim Rudd, Councilwoman Meghan Kallman, former Councilman Henry Kinch, Jr., and Lynn Farinelli. There were others, of course, but these people stood tall when it took courage to do so.

I am honored to work with them to protect our city from corporate raiders and politicians with self-serving agendas, and I’m more honored to call them friends.

Khrystyne Bento