Cumberland streetlight upgrades nearly complete

Cumberland streetlight upgrades nearly complete

CUMBERLAND – The conversion of the town’s nearly 4,000 streetlights from traditional yellow devices to LEDs with whiter light is nearly complete.

A total of 3,130 lights have been installed and converted, and approximately 450 remain, said Mayor Bill Murray. About 650 of the 3,130 lights installed had underlying issues needing to be addressed, including wiring.

There have been few complaints about the lights to date, according to town officials, though some residents have said the lights are too bright as they shine into windows.

Once the entire project is done in the coming days, residents will have the chance to put in requests with the town to dim certain lights.

The lights, in fact, are not actually brighter, but focus nearly all light toward the ground, giving the appearance that they are brighter.

An added benefit of the new lights, in addition to brighter streets and potentially safer neighborhoods, is that they keep light out of the sky, making it easier to see the stars.

The Partnership for Rhode Island Streetlights Management (PRISM) is installing Cumberland’s new streetlights.

The town is saving about $190,000 each year by purchasing its streetlights from National Grid and having PRISM manage them, along with other communities. Once LED conversion happens, savings are expected to rise by about $160,000 more.