Two Cumberland students finalists in Governor for a Day contest

Two Cumberland students finalists in Governor for a Day contest

CUMBERLAND – Two students from Cumberland were finalists in Gov. Gina Raimondo’s Women’s History Month essay contest. The contest winner, who will be Rhode Island’s 2018 Governor for a Day, was named Monday. She is Anna LaCroix, an 8th-grader at Chariho Middle School in Wood River Junction.

“I want to thank everyone who submitted an essay,” Raimondo said. “It’s truly amazing to see the enthusiasm that young girls have for making a difference in our state.”

The finalists included Sophia Castiglia, of Cumberland, a 7th-grader at Good Shepherd Catholic Regional School, and Gauri Rajesh, of Cumberland, a 6th-grader at North Cumberland Middle School.

In her essay, Castiglia wrote, in part, “For starters, I would make the process of purchasing a gun longer and make the age limit twenty-one. Also, I would make the customer state the reason on their permit on why they need a gun. There needs to be new laws made so that children can feel safer in schools, and that people stop killing young, innocent people before it is too late.”

Rajesh’s essay read, “Racial tolerance and cultural diversity are key to our democratic way of life. As a governor, I would like to support these values by encouraging all state employees to come to work that day by wearing clothes of their ethnicity. Celebrating cultural diversity will help us understand and acknowledge members of our communities better.”