Downtown Woonsocket Collaborative will host murder mystery night

Downtown Woonsocket Collaborative will host murder mystery night

WOONSOCKET – A mysterious body discovered in a local cemetery, a trail of clues hidden along Main Street, whispered rumors of violent revenge.

It’s not a description of the summer’s upcoming hit thriller, but the latest fundraiser to come out of the Downtown Woonsocket Collaborative (DWC), an organization promoting the businesses of Woonsocket’s Main Street and the surrounding neighborhood. “Murder at the Museum” takes the recent murder mystery party craze and puts it on in grand scale with the Museum of Work and Culture serving as the venue for a mystery plot that pulls in local history and some old-fashioned whodunit fun.

The event, which takes place on Saturday, May 19, will begin at 6 p.m. with a buffet dinner served by Savini’s Pomodoro in the MillRace Event Space at 40 South Main St., next to the Museum of Work and Culture. At 8 p.m., guests will head next door to socialize with the suspects and witnesses and try to identify the killer, with one lucky sleuth winning a $150 gift card to Savini’s Pomodoro.

According to DWC Chairman Garrett Mancieri, board members will wear clothing of the 1940s and ’50s to serve as suspects and witnesses, and guests are encouraged to dress in period attire as well.

“I think the concept has been done by a lot of different people, but we wanted to sort of use this event to tell the history of our city so we highlighted the flood that happened back in the 50s,” he said. “The idea came out of the partnership that we had with the museum.”

In August of 1955, flooding on the Blackstone River destroyed much of Woonsocket’s city center. While that piece of history is real, the story laid out for the murder mystery dinner adds a bit of flair.

According to the event description, while reinterring Precious Blood Cemetery, residents discovered one body that could not be identified. The body could only be the result of a murder, leaving a mystery to solved and a killer who could still be on the loose.

To add to the fun, beginning this week, Main Street businesses will host clues that lead to the name and role of the victim. Participants can email in their guesses on the event Facebook page for a chance to win two tickets to the event if guessed correctly.

“We always want to try to find ways of bringing people to downtown,” said Mancieri. “Sometimes a lot of people drive down Main Street and they don’t even realize what businesses that we have.”

DWC Promotions Committee Chair Melissa Murray, who also serves on the City Council, said the event follows up last year’s highly successful “Twilight on the Blackstone” bridge dinner and will serve as a more moderately priced fundraiser. Tickets for “Murder at the Museum” are $40 per person with dinner included or $20 for the museum event only.

“This is a more moderately priced event and this one is a bit different in that you can choose the dinner and mystery, or you can choose either for a lower price, so it’s tailored to suit everyone’s budget,” she said.

The organization again plans to host “Twilight on the Blackstone,” an initiative Murray said they learned from attending national Main Street conferences. This year’s event will take place on Aug. 25 and once again feature dining under the stars on the Court Street Bridge.

“Last year’s was a huge success, we wanted 150, we ended up with 250 and a wait list, it was very, very popular,” she said. “So we are going to be adding more seats, but the bridge is only so big.”

Tickets for “Murder at the Museum” on May 19 are available online at . A list of local businesses featuring clues is available on the event’s Facebook page.