Dube announces her re-election bid

Dube announces her re-election bid

PAWTUCKET – Erin Dube is officially declaring that she will seek a third term on the Pawtucket School Committee. Dube, who currently serves as deputy chairwoman on the board, also leads the policy subcommittee and is a member of the wellness subcommittee.

As a former high school English teacher and current professor at Johnson & Wales, Dube has spent her entire professional life in the education world.

“Even in college, I would work every summer in a day care center and I truly believe that the equal education of all children should be a priority for our government bodies,” she said.

During her first two terms, Dube worked to overhaul the entire policy manual. “This was a four-year project, but through diligence and strong committee cooperation, we can now officially say that all policies of the School Committee are updated and accessible to the public,” she said.

The policies are on the school board website that Dube redesigned with help from the technology department. Keeping all the work “in-house” saved the district on paying a consultant, a route that other districts have taken. Dube said she is proud that “not a cent of taxpayer money was needed to achieve this goal and that now any constituent can easily see the policies that we have on the book in this district.”

The policy manual is a living document, she noted, and she looks forward to continuing to serve as policy chairwoman and working to ensure that the manual “stays in line with new laws while also being progressive in seeking excellent education opportunities for all.”

Dube said she will continue to be transparent and live by the motto that she originally ran on: Believing in Our Public Schools.

“Anyone who knows me knows that I have a strong belief that excellent neighborhood public schools are about more than just excellent education,’ she said. “They serve as the anchor for the entire community.”

Dube’s two daughters attend Pawtucket schools.