LaMontagne offers ‘Pill Pods’ to homeowners to keep medications secure

LaMontagne offers ‘Pill Pods’ to homeowners to keep medications secure

LINCOLN – The Lincoln Prevention Coalition will collaborate with Carol LaMontagne, of LaMontagne Real Estate, 300 Front St., to advise sellers to lock up or dispose of unwanted/expired medications during “open houses,” when members of the public are invited into homes for sale.

In addition to supplying clients with safe-disposal information for prescription drugs, LaMontagne will also supply clients with a “Pill Pod/RX Drug Lock Box” to keep medications safe and secure during open houses, courtesy of the Lincoln Prevention Coalition & the Drug-Free Communities Grant.

On a daily basis, misused prescription drugs kill more than 40 Americans, and 2,500 young people abuse a prescription drug for the first time, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

One reason drug thieves target open houses is because homeowners don’t consider their prescriptions to be items of discernible value. However, considering that the street value of some prescription drugs can total into the thousands of dollars, they become a target of theft.

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