Well done, Lincoln, for great parade

Well done, Lincoln, for great parade

(This is) my annual letter of thanks to the Lincoln Memorial Day Parade organizers, for another outstanding effort in providing fun, excitement, and patriotism on such and important day. Thanks to all those who were participants and certainly thank you to all those along the parade route who displayed pride and appreciation in our great nation.

Also, thank you to Police Chief Brian Sullivan and the Lincoln Police Dept. for their well organized efforts throughout the entire parade route. As a participate, who has always enjoyed the parade, I applaud the new route along Great Road with it’s scenery and ending at Historic Chase Farm.

And, a biased thank you to the Central Falls Police and Fire departments, and Col. Mendonca for their part in this festive and patriotic event. By the way, the Lincoln High School band was again terrific!

May God bless Lincoln, the Blackstone Valley, and America.

Bob Ferri

Central Falls