Cumberland residents declare intent to run for office

Cumberland residents declare intent to run for office

CUMBERLAND - The following residents have taken out papers to declare their intent to run for office in the town of Cumberland. The deadline to declare was Wednesday, June 27, at 4 p.m.
An asterisk denotes the incumbent.

• William S. Murray- D*
• Jeffrey J. Mutter- D

Town Council
• Peter J. Bradley- D (at-large)*
• Michael L. Kinch- D (at-large)
• Roland C. Gauvin- D (at-large)
• William J. Dennen- I (at large)
• James E. Scullin-I (at-large)
• James K. Metiver- I (District 1)*
• Stephanie M. Gemski- D (District 1)
• Adam Samir Khoury- I (District 1)
• E. Craig Dwyer- D (District 2)*
• Paul Simoes- D (District 2)
• Earl T. Wood- I (District 2)
• Lisa A. Beaulieu- D (District 3)*
• Timothy McCann- D (District 3)
• Scott R. Schmitt- R (District 4)*
• Robert G. Shaw Jr.- D (District 5)*

School Committee
• Raymond Thomas Salvatore (at-large)*
• Paul DiModica (at-large)
• Mark Fiorillo (District 1)*
• Karen A. Freedman (District 2)*
• Jennifer Renee Bernardo (District 3)
• David S. Francazio (District 4)
• Heidi A. Waters (District 4)
• Stephen F. Hess (District 5)*

Fire Committee
• Dana L. Jones (at-large)*
• Bruce A. Lemois (at-large)
• Paul W. Santoro (at-large)*
• Charles D. Wilk (at-large)
• Richard G. Hayden (District 1)
• Timothy E. Hogan (District 2)
• Cynthia M. Ouellette (District 3)*
• Phillip C. Koutsogiane (District 4)
• Vincent M. Picone (District 5)

Senator in General Assembly
• Ryan W. Pearson- D (District 19)*
• Bill "BJ" Charette- R (District 19)
• Roger A. Picard- D (District 20)*
• Michael A. Veri - R (District 20)

Representative in General Assembly
• Mia A. Ackerman- D (District 45)*
• Rufus R. Bailey Jr.- M (District 51)
• Robert D. Phillips- D (District 51)*
• Alex D. Marszalkowski- D (District 52)*
• Brandon Scott Bell- R (District 52)
• James N. McLaughlin- D (District 57)*


The Town Council "School Committee #2"...look at whom are some of the candidates and their well-known, documented, agendas!!

Then you have the Mayoral Race where one of the candidates, should he unfortunately be elected, would then make the Mayor's Office "School Committee #3"!

If all of this were allowed to happen, which we must not let happen, watch your taxes skyrocket through the ceiling!

Pay attention my fellow citizens, especially Seniors...this is the 'Back Door'strategy that is being employed to extort more of your hard-earned tax dollars.

Tax Dollars that will, as is de Rigueur with the School Department, often be 'Irresponsibly Spent such as the OBSCENE administrative raises as reported in last week's Breeze.

But, remember: "It's All Being Done For The Kids!!

Hi AlfaRacer,

Since I am the only new candidate looking to move from the School Committee to the Town Council, you may be talking about me.

I am a life-long resident of Cumberland and my wife and I are raising our family here, just as my parents did -- and my grandparents did, too.

Cumberland is already a great place to live, and my only agenda is to try to help make it even better.

Bill Dennen
Candidate for Cumberland Town Council

Alfa, you are sooooooo correct. Get ready for tax hikes. Mr. Dennen I don't know you or why your running but I hope you don't become a puppet for the school committee the rest of the council. Adding more money to the schools is not going to make this city better.Thanks