Council not likely to take up road race issue until August

Council not likely to take up road race issue until August

PAWTUCKET – A tentative proposal to ban road races from being held anywhere in the city except Slater Park isn’t likely to come before the City Council until at least its first meeting in August.

The matter is not on the ordinance subcommittee agenda for Wednesday, July 11, said Chairman Terry Mercer, a member of the City Council, and with only a limited agenda and a noon meeting for the second meeting of the month in two weeks, he doesn’t anticipate any sort of resolution for a while.

“I don’t expect any movement until at the very earliest the first meeting in August,” he said. Though there’s been plenty of chatter on Facebook, he said the matter is “not on my immediate radar.”

The Breeze reported last month that Councilor John Barry III was making the proposal to contain all road races to the area of Slater Park off Newport Avenue.

Barry has said that he would also be open to races that use a significant portion of downtown, but he is fed up with races that inconvenience residents by passing by their homes multiple times. The main area of concern is along Walcott Street, where many of the races have passed.

Other council members have said they’re open to a compromise solution that spells out a rotating number of race routes laid out in areas where there aren’t a lot of residents to inconvenience.