Dave’s Market expanding Cumberland store

Dave’s Market expanding Cumberland store

Dave’s Cumberland manager Glenn Szydlo stands in what will be the new back room at Dave’s Marketplace on Diamond Hill Road after planned renovations.

CUMBERLAND – Dave’s Marketplace prides itself on offering better food and better service, and soon the store on Diamond Hill Road will add better selection to that list.

While there is not yet a definite timeline for completion, the supermarket is undergoing several structural and merchandise changes. The key addition is an expansion of the prepared foods section. Store Manager Glenn Szydlo said he hopes renovations will result in a 10 to 15 percent increase in business.

“I think (customers) will be happy,” said Szydlo. “They’ll have more of a selection, and it will be more of a total shopping experience.”

The goal of the project is to make the store more competitive, said Szydlo. Changes include adding a sushi preparation area, salad bar and another pizza oven, expanding the store into the current back room, building a new storage area, adding a new register, building new coolers and freezers, making the seafood section bigger, expanding the bakery area, and more.

Dave’s will also be opening up the perishable food area by moving over the first aisle, so customers will no longer deal with tight quarters while wheeling carts through that area.

In addition, the store will be hiring in every department to keep up with growing business, and owners are looking into adding about 30 new parking spots.

Initially the project was set to be finished by October, but electrical issues have caused work to come to a halt. Telephone poles and wires stand in the way of the new back room, and so the supermarket is now waiting for National Grid to remove those telephone poles and set up the wiring underground.

Employees said they are looking forward to the expansion’s eventual completion. Produce manager Peter Monteiro said he is excited to have more space to work in, and for customers to enjoy more space while they shop.

“I think it’s going to be really good for the store and for Cumberland. It’ll provide a lot of new items for the community,” he said.

And while many customers don’t yet know what’s in the works, those who do said they are excited about it.

Cumberland resident Lisa Regan said she finds herself at the store once or twice each week and considers it her go-to grocery destination. She said she loves the intimate size and convenience of the Cumberland Dave’s, and is particularly happy that the store will offer more prepared foods.

“I like buying a lot of their made-to-go stuff because I can keep it in the fridge and it’s good for a few days, so it’s there if no one’s around and you don’t want to cook, or one of my kids can just warm it up,” she said.

Regan said it’s wonderful to see growth. She said she’s tired of having to get certain perishable items from Dave’s competitors and is excited that she will soon be able to meet all of her shopping needs in one stop at Dave’s.

Lincoln resident Tom Newman shops at the Dave’s location about once a week and said he will definitely use the new additions to the store.

“I love Dave’s. More Dave’s is better,” he said.

Cumberland resident Chris Flynn said she loves how the grocery store is convenient, cute and local.

“It’ll still be that hometown feel,” she said. “I think customers will be happy with a bigger space to move around.”