Martin: Letter writer ignores history that indicts Democrats

Martin: Letter writer ignores history that indicts Democrats

I would like to respond to Mr. Hagen’s letter to the editor of July 7: “Republicans consolidating dark power” which blames Republicans for all things evil.

Where do I start? For the record, I am a conservative independent voter who has voted for Democrats and Republicans in the past.

Mr. Hagen starts with “Now we see who the Republicans really are. This is not about Trump. This is about the forces that allow Trump to consolidate their dark power to do everything they have wanted to do for years. They yoke us, steal our wealth, take our freedoms, denigrate our beautiful Democracy, soil our American ideals.”

He continues his hateful Republican rant with: “This era (now) will be a black mark in American history just as the McCarthy prosecutions, the internment of citizens of Japanese descent, the deadly forced migrations of Natives, and the Know-Nothing Party. Our grandchildren will ask how we could have let it all happen. We won’t have a good answer.”

Mr. Hagen, may I respectfully suggest you put down the Democrat talking points and read some history books. Let’s analyze his statements blaming Republicans for all things evil with some actual historical facts.

• McCarty prosecution era – Truman was President. Truman was a Democrat! Who controlled Congress during most of the McCarthy Era? – Democrats.

• Forced migrations of Natives – Andrew Jackson was President. Jackson was a Democrat.

• Japanese interment – FDR was President – FDR was a Democrat. Who was in control of Congress during the interment? Democrats.

• Which was the party that opposed the 1965 Civil Rights Bill? Democrats. What party did Sen. (card carrying ex- KKK member) Robert Byrd (Senate Majority Leader) belong to? Democrat.

• What political party freed the slaves? Republicans.

• What political party got the USA involved in following divisive and devastating wars:

Korea - Truman – Democrat. Congress – Democrat.

Republican Eisenhower and Republican Congress ended it.

Vietnam – LBJ – Democrat. Congress Democrat. Republican Nixon ended it.

Who was President from 2008 to 2016 when immigrant children were routinely separated for their parents? Barack Obama – Democrat. Who controlled Congress from 2008 to 2012? Democrats.

Don’t believe it Mr. Hagen? Well, here are some facts from the very liberal Washington Post:

January 28, 2016, Washington Post. “Obama Administration placed Children with Human Traffickers, Report Says.” “The Obama administration failed to protect thousands of Central American children who have flooded across the U.S. border since 2011, leaving them vulnerable to traffickers and to abuses at the hands of government-approved caretakers, a Senate investigation has found. … The Senate initiated the six-month investigation after several Guatemalan teens were found in a dilapidated trailer park near Marion, Ohio, where they were being held captive by traffickers and forced to work at a local egg farm.”

Where was the outrage from people like Mr. Hagen about the plight of illegal children for those eight Obama years?

Just wondering.

Jack Martin