OLV school, church were once central to busy neighborhood

OLV school, church were once central to busy neighborhood

Publisher Thomas Ward is characteristically perceptive in last week’s Valley Breeze when he questions Woonsocket City Planner Joel Matthew’s caution about an adult day-care center opening on Spring Street. North End residents might well recall that for many decades a full parish site operated along that stretch.

Masses were offered daily at an early hour. Funerals with corteges that took up much of the street were quite frequent. Weddings with their associated festivity occurred. Parishioners transacted business daily at the rectory. Buses and cars dropped off and picked up students at the parish school. Faculty members arrived and parked their cars. All sorts of parish events – novenas, missions, retreats, maybe even Bingo! – took place and yet no one complained.

As a resident of the North End myself I would prefer to see a responsible business quietly operating on that site rather than the grim façade and bleak landscape that has marked that corner for the past several years.

Rev. John A. Kiley