NP native Mecurio takes tour to Comedy Connection

NP native Mecurio takes tour to Comedy Connection

PROVIDENCE – Paul Mecurio calls it “over-political correctness,” and he says people in general, and comedians especially, need to push back on it.

“There's no nuance of thought anymore,” says the New York-based comedian/actor and North Providence native, who will bring his one-man “Paul Mecurio's Permission to Speak” tour to the Comedy Connection in Providence this weekend.

Everyone today has a voice because of social media, and many people misuse it simply to exert power and control, inserting themselves into situations that don't involve them just for attention, says Mecurio.

“They've figured out that they can start to create controversy that's not there,” he told The Breeze.

People today have such reflexive reactions to certain words, he added. Sometimes saying someone is Italian is just saying someone's Italian. Sometimes saying a Chinese man was born in China is nothing more.

What he's found is that many of the people getting offended by jokes at a comedy club are those under 30, said Mecurio. He can tell when someone attends one of his shows just to hijack it with feigned offense, he said, and he'll tell them to leave or shut up.

Mecurio, whose mom Tina Mecurio owns Kam's Furniture on Mineral Spring Avenue, has been in the movie, “Chuck,” has a podcast filled with famous names, and has made multiple appearances on “The Late Show with Stephen Colbert.”

Paul Mecurio’s Permission to Speak is an immersive show, starring the audience and award-winning Mecurio. Everyone has a story and in this unscripted, audience interactive experience. Mecurio randomly selects certain audience members, improvises with them on stage and through simple conversation “draws out amazing, funny and eye-opening stories about people’s lives and what they think without feeling boxed in by contrived political correctness.” Mecurio can guarantee this is a show the audience has never seen before.

Mecurio has three shows this weekend, one Friday, Nov. 9, at 8 p.m., and two more on Saturday, Nov. 10, at 7:30 and 10 p.m. General admission, $20. Visit for more.