Town’s new trash service set to go Tuesday

Town’s new trash service set to go Tuesday

NORTH PROVIDENCE – The town’s new automated trash service, with most charcoal-colored wheeled trash totes now distributed, is on schedule to come online next Tuesday, Nov. 13. Monday is a holiday, so there’s a one-day delay.

Mayor Charles Lombardi said town employees have received a number of calls from residents with questions after the new 95-gallon bins began being distributed last week, and they’ve made up a flier answering all potential questions related to the service.

“Most people seem to be happy,” said the mayor.

Other questions have revolved around how people should get rid of their old store-bought trash bins (drop them off at the DPW garage, 2 Mafalda St.), and whether they can get a second bin if needed (only if purchased).

The local trash and recycling service schedule will not change under the new program. Trash will stay on a weekly schedule, while recycling continues every other week.

MTG Disposal is adding the bins at no extra charge to the town in exchange for a contract extension for local sanitation service.

Similar automated trash programs, where an automated truck arm comes down to lift the bin and empty the trash, have been credited in surrounding communities with cleaning up the appearance of streets and reducing food sources for rodents, which have been a perennial problem in some parts of North Providence.

After watching the distribution of carts from a base at Camp Meehan/Notte Park over the past week, Lombardi said “there’s no doubt” the program is ready to go.

Wheeled totes should still be place close to the roadway with nothing surrounding them.

Here are some answers to questions that have been asked to date:

• Carts are being delivered in order of collection day, Monday to Friday.

• Carts will be delivered by the end of the week.

• More carts will be delivered by the end of the week to four-family homes that only received one cart.

• Carts are the same size as existing recycling totes.

• Bags will continue to be removed manually until next Tuesday, Nov. 13.

• If residents still think their carts are too big as of Dec. 1, the town will switch it out for a 65-gallon tote. That is the smallest size.

• Each cart holds six trash bags. Those who think that’s not enough space are encouraged to recycle more “and it should be big enough.”

• Those who still don’t have enough room can purchase a second cart for $60.

• All material must be in the tote to be collected.


I have two 65 gallon totes covered trash bins that I purchased from Lowe's at a cost $180.00 and they are built exactly like the recycling bins. I called Mega to find out if there is an over flow of garbage I could use the ones I purshed. The woman that answered the phone said yes. I hope she is right.