Budget proposes $1.35 million in road repairs

Budget proposes $1.35 million in road repairs

Pending the passage of next year’s budget, Meadowbrook Road is one of a number of town-owned streets that could see improvements this year. (Breeze photo by Nicole Dotzenrod)

Note: A previous version of this story incorrectly stated that the Lincoln Financial Town meeting would be held May 14. The meeting is scheduled for Monday, May 13 at 7 p.m.

LINCOLN – Pending the passage of a town budget at this spring’s Lincoln Financial Town Meeting, marked on town calendars for May 13, town roads in Lincoln should see $1.35 million in repairs.

The Budget Board is still deliberating the town administrator’s proposed 2019 budget, but Town Engineer Leslie Quish shared a “wish list” of roads the town hopes to tackle this year. The projects could go out to bid immediately after the budget has passed.

Assuming the bids come in on-target, a Saylesville neighborhood to the southeast of Lincoln Woods State Park would be redone, including Musket Road, Surrey Lane and Iron Forge Road off Carriage Drive, which Quish said are in “atrocious condition.” Nearby Olney Avenue and Lakeview Avenue will also be fixed.

In Albion, Spring Green Road, Brookside Drive, Meadowbrook Road, Knollwood Drive, Foxwood Drive and Glenview Drive will be redone, all located off Albion Road.

The rest of Reservoir Avenue would be milled and overlaid, a less expensive pavement restoration compared to a complete reclamation, as the town can’t interfere with two significant water lines belonginng to Pawtucket, Quish said.

The mill and overlay involves grinding down the top two inches of roadway and topping it with new asphalt, versus grinding up four inches of asphalt, reprocessing and compacting it into a gravel base and adding four new inches of asphalt.

The town also hopes to install two new drainage upgrades, including one on Briarwood Road to prevent groundwater from coming up through the asphalt. Quish said that neighborhood is in the paving plan for the future, but that the drainage improvements were deemed necessary after the groundwater froze and created a slippery situation for residents this winter.

The second drainage improvement, still in the early stages of design, is planned for Cobble Hill Road, which also became an icy slope this winter thanks to a lack of drainage for residents to tie into.

If the budget comes in lower than expected, Quish said there are other roads she’ll look to fix. She said she makes an effort to be equitable across different areas of town, and that the list is prioritized based on the condition of the road, traffic volume and collaboration with utility companies.

Roadwork already completed during the current fiscal year include:

• William Street, Earl Street, Webster and Warren Streets, the lower portion of Smith Street and a small section of Pleasant View Avenue in Fairlawn;

• Rivet and Foxx Drive, two cul-de-sacs off Harris Avenue;

• The entirety of Wilbur Road, including widening a pinch-point;

• And Ledgemont Drive and Samuel Stephens Drive.