Council to vote on establishing Conant Thread Zoning District

Council to vote on establishing Conant Thread Zoning District

PAWTUCKET – City officials, at a public hearing tonight, April 10, will consider establishing the Conant Thread Zoning District within the Pawtucket Zoning Ordinance, easing the path forward for redevelopment of the area surrounding a coming new Pawtucket - Central Falls Commuter Rail Station.

The City Planning Commission previously reviewed the proposed amendments and found that they conform with the city’s comprehensive plan for land use.

The Conant Thread District, which will be known within the ordinance by the letters CT, aims at promoting active reuse of historic mill structures in close proximity to the train station, and encourages new development that is complementary of the unique existing character of the district.

The primary goal of the district is to create diverse residential and job creation opportunities that may capitalize on easy access to multiple forms of public transportation.

Often referred to as a transit-oriented development, or TOD, the continuation of light manufacturing uses is promoted in the area as long as they’re consistent with the active mixed-use vision for the district, which spans the border of Pawtucket and Central Falls. It is hoped that the TOD connects housing, commerce and transit needs. It calls for high standards on urban design and quality infill development.

Permitted uses within the CT district include, but are not limited to, multi-family residential, mixed-use, retail, commercial, office, public recreation, live-work space and light manufacturing.

Numerous properties would be moved from industrial open, industrial built-up, commercial downtown and commercial general districts into the CT district, including some properties on Main Street, Park Place, Bayley Street, Pine Street, Commerce Street, Goff Avenue, Dexter Street, Lonsdale Avenue, Centre Street, Conant Street, Congress Street, Clay Street, Weeden Street, Rand Street, Carpenter Street, and Barton Street.

Tonight’s public hearing starts at 7 p.m. in City Hall.