Thursday, November 16

I've seen some pretty aggressive responses when it comes to stories or videos about snow. Most people either love it or hate it, and they're not shy about sharing their feelings. I'm in the love camp

On Nov. 14 I posted the below video of the season's first snowfall. It was really just a little morning spitting, but it got me excited, so I posted it, with the caption "Welcome back, snow."

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Saturday, November 4

The longer I'm in this news business the more I question the motives behind criticism.

Let me explain. Without people criticizing public officials and the decisions they make, my job would be a lot more boring, and local communities would be a lot less healthy, but what I'm discovering more often than not is that the criticism is either political or personal.

Take, for example, last year's barrage of criticism from residents during the North Providence mayoral race about the...


Friday, August 18

Opponents of a plan to have the city of Pawtucket and state of Rhode Island help subsidize a new stadium for the Pawtucket Red Sox love to throw around broad pronouncements about baseball dying and no one going to games anymore.

"But the stadium is never filled...even on the night's where we have fireworks," said one opponent on social media.

Whether you're for or against the stadium getting money from taxpayers, honesty is still important in this debate.

The fact is...


Friday, July 14

Many of the same people who hurl accusations that "the media" delivers fake news are the biggest violators when it comes to spreading false stories on social media.

I've seen it over and over: Someone posts an old picture to make a point, gets corrected, then says, "well, that's irrelevant, there are plenty of other examples of this."

That's exactly the point. There are usually plenty of other accurate examples to make your point with, so why go the lazy route and kill your...


Thursday, July 13

Justin Katz is again using something I've written to make his own very different point.

The latest example comes in a blog post about my blog post.

"Shorey’s right, too, to wonder how rhetoric about reform of broad national health policy can be called 'immoral' for removing mandates for insurance coverage and seeking to reform a welfare...


Wednesday, July 12

Elected leaders love to talk about how they stand up for the "little people" at all costs, particularly the vulnerable and poor, but do they really mean it?

On June 28, Gov. Gina Raimondo sent out a mass email denouncing Trumpcare, calling it "immoral" and saying it would bring "disastrous ramifications" for "Rhode Island residents at risk of losing health care coverage." The use of the word immoral got me to wondering about Raimondo's thoughts on the Community College of Rhode Island...


Thursday, April 6

I think sometimes I'm so engrossed in the day-to-day work of finding stories and writing them that I fail to truly appreciate the final product. Though I hear often from people who love The Breeze papers, I'm not always sure if they're being 100 percent honest in their praise.

That's why it's nice sometimes to hear from peers in the industry that they think we're doing a good job. This week we learned that we have eight wins in the upcoming Rhode Island Press Association editorial...


Tuesday, March 14

The only thing that frustrates me more than the flippant use of the term "fake news" is watching people who post regular lies on social media use it about others. How many times have you seen someone post a story from five years ago as if it's new? Or post a meme with no basis in reality just to make their point, not even bothering to verify for accuracy? Yet those same people seem to be the first ones screaming about the "fake" mainstream media.

And many times it's not just posting...


Wednesday, February 15

Life before parenthood was fairly predictable. Life since our first son was born has been anything but. My wife and I have learned firsthand that children say and do the most inexplicable things.

I thought you might enjoy some of these phrases we never thought we'd have to say to our children:

• Never, never lick the toilet brush.

• You shouldn't put hot pizza on your face.

• Do not put brussels sprouts in your ear.

• Keep your mouth off the library...


Saturday, January 21

Much of the discussion since my story about the Pawtucket Red Sox looking at the Apex property for a possible new stadium has revolved around an alleged dearth of attractions in the city and its downtown. I'm pretty sure many of the comments are being made by people who haven't been in Pawtucket in 10 or 20 years, but there have also been a number of...