MY LIFE - And so it begins

Just as birds inexplicably know to fly south every fall and bears know to fatten up in preparation for hibernation, so, too, do I feel the need to prepare for the harsh realities of an approaching... more

THE RECIPE BOX - Peach season is here

SMITHFIELD – “We grow a lot of peaches and apples here,” said John Steere, who is the fourth generation to run his family’s Steere Farm. The fields, now about 100 acres, showcase fruit-laden trees... more

TRADITIONAL PARENTING - What to do about pot-smoking teen

Q: A few months after he got his driver’s license, we found a bag of marijuana in our 16-year-old son’s car. He swore it wasn’t his and that he didn’t know whose it was and that he’s never used pot,... more

FILM UNFILTERED - No ‘jump scare’ surprises in ‘Annabelle: Creation’

* ‘Annabelle: Creation’ I can’t quite decide if horror films have lost their luster or the appetite for them has faded. I suppose the interest still exists, but the genre has broken into so many sub... more