MY LIFE – The plan for today

Today is my day off. People laugh when I say that because I’m retired. And I can understand why they find it amusing, because technically speaking all my days are now “days off.” But they’re not. Not... more

THE RECIPE BOX – Award-winning California cheesecake has local roots

CUMBERLAND – This story is an interesting one that connects a Valley Falls, Cumberland gal named Virginia Edes Krone from the West Coast area of Orange County in San Clemente, Calif., to Dave’s... more

FILM UNFILTERED – ‘Doctor Sleep’ a worthy follow-up to ‘The Shining’

HHHH “The Shining” is by far one of the most well-known and remembered horror films and easily one of Jack Nicholson’s most memorable roles as Jack Torrance who is tasked with being the winter... more

TRADITIONAL PARENTING – Learn how to solve behavioral problems early

The myth of the first three years has it that whatever habits, traits, dysfunctions and so on that a child develops during this admittedly formative period are going to stay with him for life. That... more