TOM WARD - Primary surprises

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So the primary election votes have been cast and the chatter begins as we navigate our way through the blood sport of politics. It’s been “blood sport” forever, but in the age of social media, it... more

ARLENE VIOLET - Mattiello challenged from both sides

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While the focus on elections last week was primarily on the gubernatorial races (and lesser so, the race for lieutenant governor) an interesting story was developing on the legislative front that may... more

Letters to the Editor

Councilors, enjoying white privilege, don’t understand Kaepernick

Town Council President, John Beauregard, claims that his decision to put the resolution up for a vote comes from his dissatisfaction with Kaepernick’s disrespect towards police. Beauregard claims... more

Council needs to repeal Monday’s vote

On Monday night, the North Smithfield Town Council voted 3-2 to impose a non-binding resolution for town departments to refrain from purchasing Nike products in response to their new advertising... more

I always fail the first time around

By Melanie DuPont When I was about 8, my parents signed me up for soccer. I was pretty terrible. As I recall, I played right fullback, and when a kid came at me with the ball, I was so fumble-footed... more

She said, what?

For the nth time, I’m talking about a state that lacks leadership. Let’s see, our governor said we could not afford the PawSox, so I’m asking about the affordability of all the personnel in the... more

Worcester happy to have PawSox

In response to Arlene Violet’s column, “Better Worcester than Us,” I’ll say many Rhode Island voters may have been concerned that elected officials would agree to a similar nightmare casino deal that... more

Town Administrator Almond backs Oct. 4 vote that will save town millions

In 2017, Lincoln voters approved a $60 million bond to reconstruct Lincoln High School with a then State Housing Aid funding reimbursement of 35-38 percent for school construction, or $22.2 million... more

Marszalkowski lauded for Diamond Hill Road help

As we in Cumberland have come to see, the I-295/Chapel Four Corners project is changing our landscape, for the better we hope. In the beginning, there were many, like myself, who had questions and... more

Hope Mill advocacy group asks residents to attend Sept. 27 meeting

Due to circumstances beyond our control, the Planning Board meeting regarding the approval of Paramount Development’s massive plans for the Hope Mill, previously scheduled for Sept. 10, was... more