TOM WARD - Coletta deserves a break from intolerant Lilliputians

A few weeks ago, the North Providence School Committee, led by member Stephen Palmieri, put an end to two-hour school delays on snow days. To which I say, “Hallelujah!” This has been a pet peeve of... more

ARLENE VIOLET - Feroce has new government perspective

Nobody could legitimately accuse Giovanni Feroce of thinking small. His penchant for bold, well-thought out ideas was fully evident in a prelude last week to his May 20th announcement as a... more

Letters to the Editor

Lima’s premature passing leaves void in local area

The passing of local resident and band leader Wayne Lima will not only leave a void in entertainment circles, but also in so many other facets of life here in the Blackstone Valley. He was genuine... more

Thanks to mystery person who found purse in Brigido’s

This letter is to acknowledge and convey my profound appreciation to the person who found a black, zippered pouch, which I inadvertently abandoned in a shopping cart outside Brigido’s Fresh Market... more

Replace recycling coordinator and maybe effort will improve

After reading the April 11 article “N. Providence recycling effort mired in mediocrity,” I couldn’t help but think that the root of the problem is our town’s recycling coordinator, Bob Nascimento.... more

Violet’s attack on teachers and today’s teaching methods unfair

I take exception to Arlene Violet’s assessment of the educational system in her April 10 column (The Tyranny of Low Expectations in Education). While there may be some merit to her argument that... more