ROBERT G. FLANDERS JR. - Judicial philosophy a key factor in vetting Supreme Court nominee

By Robert G. Flanders Jr. What can we expect as we await the Senate hearings on the president’s nomination of Judge Brett Kavanaugh to succeed retiring Justice Anthony Kennedy as the next Supreme... more

ARLENE VIOLET - Are public unions on the way out?

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Depending on your point of view, the recent U.S. Supreme Court decision regarding fair share dues to a union is either a great decision upholding the First Amendment or a terrible blow to organized... more

Letters to the Editor

Challenge extended: Smithfield police urged to enter lip sync contest

Over the many years of living in this town, and through my work alongside Smithfield Police details, I have come to know many of our proud and distinguished officers in blue (gray), and other public... more

Thanks to those who helped with Relay For Life

Friday, June 23, marked the first Northern R.I. Relay For Life held at the Smithfield High School. With over 30 fundraising teams hailing from the communities of Smithfield, Lincoln, Cumberland and... more

MacDonald: All is not ‘fine’ with Cumberland Fire Commission

I spoke to the R.I. auditor general, Mr. Dennis Hoyle, in the first week of May. He said the Cumberland Fire Commission had contacted his office about the possibility of raising our fire taxes beyond... more

Resident surprised at Democratic Town Committee’s backing of Mutter

I and many others were frankly very surprised when the Cumberland Town Democrat Committee did not endorse current Mayor (Bill) Murray. As a Cumberland town resident for over 60 years, I believe Mayor... more

Picozzi: Lincoln’s share from sports betting is ‘an embarrassment’

Sports betting was recently legalized in Rhode Island with an estimated increase of $23,000,000 in revenue. Our legislators were so distracted by excitement they forgot to secure a legitimate piece... more