TOM WARD - Green energy's challenge

A big economic "green shoot" popped up with Monday's announcement that CVS, of Woonsocket (and, frankly, of all of northern Rhode Island) will purchase the insurance giant Aetna, of Hartford, Conn.... more

ARLENE VIOLET - We must re-learn civil disagreement

“Identity politics is a safe place from thoughts rather than a safe place for thought.” – Salman Rushdie Bret Stephens, an op-ed columnist, published his recent lecture, "The Dying Art of... more

Letters to the Editor

Leadership, not score-settling needed to implement town improvement projects

It’s just my opinion, but it seems that this kerfuffle with the town improvement projects is more about political score-settling between various factions in town than it is with any insurmountable... more

Clifford’s financial assumptions incorrect

Mr. Michael Clifford is at it yet again. Mr. Clifford in a paid ad seeks to once again dissuade the residents of North Smithfield. First and foremost, he continues to make assumptions that simply... more

Senior expresses thanks for good work at center

To the board of directors: Robert Picard, James Allam, Janice Contillo, Lisa Carcifero, Donna MacDonald, Kathleen Shatraw, Madeleine L’Esperance, Claudette Remillard Secretary, and Jeanne Berard. We... more

Cumberland: Sign up for ‘Energy Challenge’

Dear Cumberland residents, I am pleased to join with Sen. Pearson, Reps. Ackerman, McLaughlin and Marszalkowski, Councilors Beaulieu, Metivier, Schmitt, and Shaw to make you aware that the Town of... more

‘Cultural reckoning’ over abusive men

As the #MeToo movement has swept across the country, it has forced some painful cultural reckoning. Powerful men, ranging from Roy Moore to Matt Lauer to Harvey Weinstein, have been exposed for their... more

‘Big Al’ will be greatly missed at McCoy

The Pawtucket Red Sox lost a truly great member of its family recently. On Nov. 22, Albert Beaulieu Jr. (Big Al as he was known by many) passed away. Big Al had been a season ticket holder at McCoy... more

Remember the victims of Pearl Harbor

Pearl Harbor, Hawaii, on a peaceful and picturesque Sunday morning, at 7:48 a.m., Dec. 7, 1941, a horrific event triggered our nation’s entrance into World War II. As President Franklin Roosevelt... more

Plan with National Grid before storms

I don’t usually write to newspapers but here I go ... in response to Gov. Raimondo whipping National Grid. As a leader, and with full knowledge of impending weather conditions, it should have been... more

Scituate Home Rule petition list growing

Last November, I made a promise to myself to begin to really pay attention to what was happening in Scituate because I was quite certain that my reality was about to shift in unexpected ways. Since... more

‘All Lit Up’ parade planners win hat tip

I wish to commend the parade committee who worked so hard on Smithfield’s recent All Lit Up Christmas Parade. This year’s event was bigger and better than last year. These dedicated, hard-working... more

McNelis not running next fall

I want to take a moment to thank the people of Smithfield, and wish them all Happy Holidays. I also wish to inform residents that I will not be a candidate for any office in Smithfield in the 2018... more