TOM WARD - Can anything eclipse turning day into night?

OK, spoiler alert. I can be a geek at times. (This surprises no one who knows me well). I’ve always liked science, watched the weather, and I have a degree in biology. There is one thing in nature,... more

ARLENE VIOLET - Help PawSox owners, or keep car tax cut – What do you choose?

Say you are riding around in your jalopy. You finally got a car tax break for this year. It was quite a ride, though, getting to the passage of this legislation. After more than a month of dawdling,... more

Letters to the Editor

Police thanked for Night Out

My wife and I and our kids are residents of North Providence. I have to admit we’re tired of seeing our Police Department in the news. Also I have to admit I’m not a fan of the police. You see, my... more

Trump, GOP don’t care about citizens

Time for a reality check folks. Neither the president or the Republican controlled Congress have ever had any interest in making sure we all have affordable quality health care. Trump’s recent... more

CumberlandFest road race helpers offered thanks

As director of the 27th Annual CumberlandFest 5K Road Race held Saturday in memory of Sal Corio, Tony Sousa, and Kyle McLaughlin, I would like to thank all of the people who had a role in making this... more

Town Manager may not be ‘best thing for town, ever’

I wish to provide some perspective from the Scituate community with regard to a recent article that appeared in your newspaper entitled, “Commission Ventures into Uncharted Territory”, written by... more

Anderson: Taxpayers deserve more than five-minute time limit

I attended the Town Council’s August meetings and was extremely disappointed in Council President Paul Santucci’s unilateral attempt to place a five-minute time limit on a taxpayer’s ability to... more