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Dental Arts Group PREGNANCY GINGIVITIS Among the many changes that women go through during pregnancy is the development of swollen gums that may be sore and vulnerable to bleeding. This form of gum in ammation, known as pregnancy gingivitis, is prompted by hormonal changes that lead to increased blood ow to the gums, making them swollen, sensitive, and irritated. It should also be noted that hormonal changes during pregnancy also slow the bodys response to bacteria that cause gum infections. As a result, bacteria- laden plaque is more apt to accumulate on teeth, causing them to be more susceptible to gum disease. With all this in mind, pregnant women should schedule regular visits to the dentist to preclude potential gum problems. It is our mission at DENTAL ARTS GROUP to create and maintain healthy and beautiful smiles for our patients in a nurturing and peaceful environment. We feel it is advantageous to educate our patients on the importance of preventive, quality dental care. Change your life with just a smile here at 1136 Hartford Ave., Johnston, where we provide the optimum dental solution for each patient in our care. Call 401-521-3661 for an appointment. P.S. The severity of pregnancy gingivitis usually increases during the second trimester of pregnancy.