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Dental Arts Group WHEN TEETH HINT OF DISEASE Just as the eyes are windows into many health conditions, so the mouth serves as a door. For many people with celiac disease, a visit to the dentist and not the gastroenterologist is the rst step toward discovering the condition. The autoimmune disorder known as celiac disease (an immune reaction to eating gluten) can cause damage to the small intestine that will interfere with nutrient absorption. If the disease blocks calcium absorption, it can cause dental enamel hypoplasia, the medical term for white, yellow, or brown spots on the teeth. This weakening of tooth enamel affects as many as 40 percent to 50 percent of new pediatric celiac patients compared with 6 percent of the healthy population. To give our patients the best dental care possible, we are committed to continual learning and education. Because we want our patients to feel con dent knowing that we are a team of skilled clinicians, we stay informed about the latest research, new techniques and equipment, and the latest products that a dental of ce can offer its patients to provide state-of-the-art dental care. We invite you to take advantage of our commitment to the highest quality dental care by calling DENTAL ARTS GROUP, 401- 521-3661, for a convenient appointment. Were easy to nd at 1136 Hartford Ave., Johnston. P.S. Dental enamel hypoplasia renders teeth more vulnerable to decay.