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Friends of Toto, LLC

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Friends of Toto, LLC Is it safe to board my elderly dog? Elderly dogs present a lot of challenges at home. If you take them out of that environment that theyre used to, it seems the challenges grow exponentially! There are the core concerns: making sure the dog is eating okay, taking medications as they should, not getting run over by the larger or younger dogs that just want to play, etc. Then there are the nuanced considerations: Is it too warm / cold? Does the dog have a comfortable place to relax? Do they have some sort of mental stimuli to keep them from depression / anxiety? Do they get bathroom breaks? Time outside? How do they get outside (if they cant walk or go up / down stairs)? Are they cleaned if the soil themselves? At Friends of Toto, we take a special pride in caring for the elderly dogs. Our 19 year old Anni is a testament to good care. It is always important to ask lots of questions when boarding your dogs so you can have a good understanding / expectation of the level of care your dogs will get when youre away. Q: A: 245 Esten Avenue, Unit A Pawtucket, RI 02860 Phone: 401-722-8686