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Hanna's Color Center Q: A: This collection contains 144 sophisticated colors that are designed to harmonize perfectly with each other. It allows customers to mix and match colors and establish a natural ow of color from room to room with con dence. The popularity of this collection was extended to be mixed in most Benjamin Moore products providing affordability and a classic look for everyones pocket book. The Af nity Collection is available in a take home brochure and is displayed in its entirety in the Color Studio at Hannas. All 144 colors are also available in a fan deck that can be purchased in our store. Take the Worry Out of Color Coordination with Af nity When Benjamin Moore Paint Company introduced its premium Aura product line it designed the Af nty Color Collection. LEFT TO RIGHT--- Ben Bigelow, David Silvia (Owner), Richard Marsland 470 Central Avenue | Pawtucket, RI 02861 Tel. 401-725-6096 Fax 401-725-6135 HannasColor.com