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Hanna's Color Center What can I expect from a product that is described as paint & primer? The term paint & primer contains a A: couple of misconceptions. 1) People believe the paint is a one coat process and that is not always the case. 2) It is assumed that there is not need for primer even on porous or new, unpainted surfaces. Howev- er, even though modern paints waterborne, nely ground polymers resemble those in primers, they do not contain the penetrating and sealing qualities like Benjamin Moore Fresh Start primers. Using a quality resin based primer will seal new or porous surfaces allowing the top coat to ad- here properly and to display a uniform sheen appearance. Therefore, it is always best to use a quality primer on new surfaces because you are establishing a solid, sealed base for all future paint jobs. Q: LEFT TO RIGHT--- Ben Bigelow, David Silvia (Owner), Richard Marsland 470 Central Avenue | Pawtucket, RI 02861 Tel. 401-725-6096 Fax 401-725-6135 HannasColor.com