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Physical Therapy of Cumberland I recently developed pain and a crackling sound in thefrontofmykneewhengardening. Itsworse when I get up from the ground or squat down to liftthings. WhatcanIdotoalleviatethis? The likely source of the crackling or grinding experienced in your knee is a condition called chondromalacia patella (or CMP). Thisconditionoccurswhenthekneecap(orpatella)is notmovingproperlyoverthethighbone(orfemur). Innormalkneefunction,the patellatrackssmoothlywithinagroovebetweenthecondylesofthefemur. When the patella is either tilted or shifted due to a muscular imbalance, the resulting increased pressure between the two bones will cause softening of the cartilage underthekneecaporpainintheareaofincreasedpressure. Thisabnormal pressure can cause a crackling sound, pain and/or swelling in the front of the knee. CMP is typically caused by excessive tightness of the muscles and soft tissue around the knee, including the hamstring, IT band, and quadriceps, combined with generalweaknessoftheinsidemusclesoftheknee. Thiscaneitherberelated to a recent injury or chronic muscle imbalance related to posture or daily activity. Those who are more likely to develop this condition include females, knock-kneed or at-footed runners, or those with an unusually shaped patella undersurface. X-ray or MRI can be used to con rm the diagnosis of CMP but is not required. Symptoms of this condition include pain in the front of the knee during prolonged sitting, and from activities such as running, squatting, and climbing stairs. Physical therapy treatment of CMP is effective in improving pain control anddailyfunction. Treatmentconsistsofathoroughevaluationtodeterminethe involved musculature and structures followed by the development of a compre- hensivetreatmentplan. Stretchingofthetightenedsofttissuewithstrengthening of the muscles surrounding the knee and hip is important to ensure proper mechanicsoftheinvolvedlegandtolimitexcessivestresstothepatella. Thiswill allow for proper tracking and decrease abnormal pressure of the patella against the femur. For more information on how you can alleviate knee pain, call Physical Therapy of Cumberland at 333.9787. Q: A: