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Physical Therapy of Cumberland I have had headaches for years and medication hasnt been helping as much. Canphysicaltherapyhelpwith my headaches? Headaches (HA), unfortunately, are a prevalent condi- tion affecting thousands and causing impairments to many activitiesofdailyliving. Therearemanytriggersthat may cause HAs, including food, medications and environmental elements, however nearly 1/4 of HAs are classified as cervicogenic or HAs which arisefrommusculoskeletalimpairmentsintheneck. Focalareaswithinthe upper portion of the spine (meaning the segments of the spine made up of the skull and vertebrae 1-3) seem to have the greatest relationship with thesetypesofHAs. Limitedjointmovement,musclespasm,andspinal nervesinthisregionhaveadirecteffectoncausingheadpain. Postural deviation, whether as a primary factor or as a secondary factor, possibly due to trauma (motor vehicle accident), will also play a role in causing or prolonging neck pain and possibly contributing to HAs. Physical therapy can play an integral part in relieving head and neck pain while hopefully decreasing the need to use pain medications to counteractHAsymptoms. Aproperclinicalexaminationwilldeterminethe course of action for treatment which should include some form of manual techniques. Thesetechniquesmaybesofttissuemobilization,jointmanip- ulation/mobilization,anddryneedling/acupuncture. Allthesetechniques have been proven to effectively decrease neck dysfunction thereby decreas- ingHAsymptomintensityand/orfrequency. Properneckmusclestretching and postural re-education exercises will also contribute to decreasing symptoms and improving correct neck alignment and function. For answers to any of your questions regarding HAs and possible treatment options, please contact PTCumberland at 333.9787 and we will be happy to assist you. Q: A: