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Seven Hills Foundation, RI C areer Opportunities SEVEN HILLSRI/CHILDRENSPROGRAM S H B T S / A B A W O R K E R $ 15 / H R P A R T - T IM E H O U R S Provides directbehavioraltherapy to individuals ages 3 to 21,role m odeling/training to parents/fam ilies,and supportthe child and fam ily by prom oting individualized,person centered,service delivery w hich m eets al identified needs ofthe child & fam ily.The professional provides assistance to the child w ith self-help & self-care as w elas teaching ofsocial& Safety skils w hen applicable.O ngoing com m unication and data reporting to clinicians and coordinators regarding the approved program . PERSON AL ASSISTAN CE AN D SUPPORT SERVICES Providespersonalassistance and supportperthe approved PASS plan to enhance the ability ofchildren w ith specialhealth care needs to live and participate as valued fam ily and com m unity m em bers,thereby fostering theirindependence.Plan im plem entation ofgoals includes the areas of accom plishingactivitiesofdailylife,m akingselfpreservingdecisionsand participating in socialroles and socialsettings. SEVEN HILLSRI/ADULTPROGRAM S A d u lt R e s id e n t ia l a n d D a y p r o g r a m s DirectSupportStaff-ful-time,part-time,andper-diem -provides assistancetoadultsintheirhom esandcom m unitieswithactivitiesofdaily living and participation in w ork and recreation. P o s it io n s a v a ila b le s t a t e w id e M u s t b e a t le a s t 1 9 y e a r s o f a g e , h i g h s c h o o l d i p lo m a o r e q u i v a le n t a n d minimum twoyearsexperienceworkingsuccessfulywithchildren/adultsina specialheatlhcare setting,education seling orrecreation setting.M usthave transportation. View AA/EOE