Klowan’s titanic pumpkin was no accident

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CUMBERLAND – Russ Klowan knew he had a winner in the making back in July, when the pumpkin he had started growing in the spring started packing on a whopping 50 pounds each day for 10 days. “If you’re looking at 50 pounds a day, you can almost see it grow,” he said. “It was unbelievable. I’ve never... more

School, celebrities rally around youth diagnosed with cancer

SMITHFIELD – “Noah, Noah, Noah, Noah,” cheered members of the LaPerche Elementary School student body, who were decked out in green during an assembly last Friday morning to support 5th-grader Noah Antunes, who was recently diagnosed with Burkitt Lymphoma. His mother, Amy Antunes, filmed the... more

Athena’s Cup breaks world record for longest bra chain

WOONSOCKET – Ten years, dozens of volunteers, 120 miles and more than 196,000 bras. That’s how much it took Athena’s Cup, the breast... more

Lincoln street drainage ordinance passes

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LINCOLN – After undergoing many changes and being deferred since January, the so-called Street Drainage Ordinance was unanimously... more