Lincoln High School renovation gains momentum

Lincoln High School renovation gains momentum

Crews add to a stockpile of dirt at the front of the Lincon High School property last week. (Breeze photos by Nicole Dotzenrod)

LINCOLN – Over the next several weeks, those passing by Lincoln High School will see the first of many major changes begin to take shape leading up to the 2018-2019 school year.

One of the first signs of construction on the exterior of the school is a mountain of dirt piling up at the front of the athletic fields abutting Old River Road, to the right of the school’s front entrance.

Construction crews are working to move the fill from across the field, where a new access road is being constructed that will connect the roadway behind the high school and Hood Drive.

Project manager Charlie Roberts said the roadway will be open to the public by the time school starts and will be used primarily by buses. In the meantime, fencing is being installed around the construction staging area near the dirt pile, while the rest of the field along Route 116 will remain in use by sports teams.

Crews are working to demolish a wing of the former middle school portion of the LHS campus fronting the gym. The hallway will be razed to make way for new construction, while the gym behind it will be used as the school’s main entrance and administrative office space starting this fall.

To accommodate the change, a new covered entryway is being built inside the gym, which is being outfitted with temporary office walls.

Also inside the school, the “connector” at the center of the campus has been gutted to prepare for demolition. In its place, the design by SMMA architects calls for a new carpentry and automotive shop for career and technical education students.

The gymnasium in the 1960s-era high school portion of the campus is under repair after water leaks caused damage to the gym’s floorboards this winter. While the gym is scheduled to undergo a major renovation next summer, exterior waterproofing and repairs to damaged floorboards will allow students to use the gym this school year.

The gym repair work is a temporary fix to ensure the space is usable this fall. Next summer, it will undergo a complete renovation including replacing the entire floor.

Roberts said the project workforce is roughly 45 workers right now.

"The main push right now is to get all of the enabling work done by the time school starts," he said.

In September, crews will start demolition of the connector.

Repairs are being made to the exterior masonry and interior flooring of the Lincoln High School gymnasium to ready it for use by students this fall. Next summer, the gym is slated to be gutted and remodeled.
Lincoln High School’s mascot, pictured in the foreground as crews take down trees in front of the school last week, will be moved closer to the school’s temporary entrance this fall.