Almond urges Lincoln residents to attend Monday’s FTM

Almond urges Lincoln residents to attend Monday’s FTM

LINCOLN – Town Administrator Joe Almond is encouraging registered voters in Lincoln to attend this year’s Financial Town Meeting, to be held next Monday, May 13 in the Lincoln Middle School auditorium. Doors open at 6:15 p.m., with a start time of 7 p.m.

Almond said this year’s budget, to be approved by taxpayers at the meeting, was planned conservatively as with past budgets, starting with a “zero-based mentality and looking at every department, position and purchase.”

“There are a lot of positives, so the danger we face is people thinking everything is all set so they don’t need to go to the meeting,” Almond said, adding that it’s the most important civic duty for taxpayers to exercise aside from voting on election day.

“As long as we have a Financial Town Meeting, people have to come or we won’t have a budget. It’s also good for residents to see where their money is being spent and how,” he said.

The proposed budget municipal budget for 2020 is $85.2 million, an increase of $4.2 million over last year, and the education budget is $56.9 million, with roughly $41.8 million coming from the town.

The budget would be supported by an increase in the levy, or total amount collected in taxes, of 1.5 percent.

Voters will be asked to approve roughly $1.2 million in capital resolutions at this year’s FTM which will not impact the levy. Those resolutions are as follows:

• $400,000 for required financial software replacement;

• $170,000 for the purchase of a new six-wheel dump truck with hydraulics for the Department of Public Works;

• $28,000 for the conceptual design of recreational sports fields at Manville Park;

• $25,000 from Open Space Restricted Surplus Fund #11 for resurfacing of the tennis courts and field improvements at Lime Acres Park;

• $16,000 for resurfacing of the basketball courts at Manville Park and Albion Park;

• $150,000 for parking lot improvements at Town Hall;

• $100,000 for the purchase and upgrading of computers at Town Hall and the Senior Center, and upgrading the back-up system hardware and addition of security cameras at various town properties;

• $64,000 for repairs to the roof at the Lonsdale Rescue Station;

• $63,000 for the purchase of a new F450 truck with plow and body for the Department of Public Works;

• $46,500 for the purchase of a new tractor and mower for the Department of Parks and Recreation;

• $40,000 for the engineering design and estimate for repairs to the Sherman Avenue Bridge;

• $30,600 for the purchase of a new cardiac monitor for the Rescue Department;

• $30,000 for two new traffic enforcement/data retrieval trailers for the Police Department;

• $12,300 for the replacement of the vehicle IT hardware for the Rescue Department;

• $10,000 for the replacement of furniture at the Senior Center;

• And $15,000 to repair and paint the siding of the Hannaway Blacksmith Shop at the Great Road Heritage Campus.

Residents will also have the chance to vote on numerous other items related to the town and schools.