Town’s 2019 repaving list released

Town’s 2019 repaving list released

NORTH PROVIDENCE – Mayor Charles Lombardi is proposing an investment of another $800,000 or more into repaving local roads, an amount he says should cover more than 30 segments.

The 2019 paving list, which is subject to change if the town can save money and add some streets, is as follows:

• Adams Street

• Spicer Street

• Gillen Avenue

• Dodge Street/Morrill Lane

• Shepard Avenue

• Urban Avenue

• Vincent Avenue

• Wanda Court

• Benjamin Drive

• Clement Street

• Olney Street to dead end

• Dutchess Avenue

• Rosewood Drive to Lexington Avenue

• Taft Avenue to Mineral Spring Avenue

• Tremont Street to Goldsmith Street

• Lower end of Meadowview Boulevard

• Rayna Road

• Hickory Road

• Twins Lane

• Barrett Avenue

• High Street

• Peach Hill Avenue

• Angell Avenue

• End of Ferncrest Boulevard

• Olney Avenue

• Sykes Street

• Greenville Avenue

• Humbert Street

• Madison Street

• Orchard Street

• Howe Street

• Swan Street

• Eddy Street

Roads repaved last year included Atlantic Avenue, Andover Street, Angell Road, August Avenue, Brookfarm Road, Cosmo Drive, Countryside Drive, East Avenue on the Angell Avenue side, Eliot Avenue, Evergreen Street, Ferncliff Avenue, Fourth Street, Governor Notte Park Way, Halsey Street, Knapp Avenue, Monticello Street, Pinewood Drive, Sharon Street, Smithfield Road, Springdale Avenue, Sudbury Street, Terry Street, West River Parkway, Winona Street, Gardner Avenue, Alpha Street, Beta Court, Gamma Court, and Observatory Avenue.

The town continues to coordinate repaving with both Providence Water and National Grid projects, said Lombardi, not wanting to have recently repaved roads torn up again shortly after being completed.

In National Grid’s case, he said, town ordinance requires that the utility provider not just repave a ditch or cut but pave half the street.

“We kind of sit back and wait for them to get their work done and get the whole street done for half the price,” he said.


That list is not nearly enough to keep up with roads in terrible conditions. With taxes going up, we should expect more roads getting done than whats listed!

How about the promise our lovely Mayor mentioned back in November that our roads, Marieville section off Mineral Spring across from Twin's would be under construction (Paving) come spring time, the list does not mention any of our roads. even the Police have to stop or slow down to travel down some of our roads because the holes are getting bigger. Disgruntled Voter