Chicken soup every day helps NP’s Maciocia reach 100

Chicken soup every day helps NP’s Maciocia reach 100

Mary Maciocia, a resident at Hopkins Manor in North Providence, holds a photo of her late husband, Michael Maciocia. Maciocia will celebrate her 100th birthday on June 17.

NORTH PROVIDENCE – For North Providence resident Mary Maciocia, the secret to living a long life is simple: a cup of soup every day. Chicken soup is her favorite, said the woman who will celebrate her 100th birthday on June 17.

Maciocia, whose parents both died young, said she never thought she would live to be 100. “I figured around 80,” she told The Breeze.

Born in 1919 in Providence to Anthony and Catherine Lolio, Maciocia grew up in the city with her brother Anthony and sister Rose.

She fondly remembers her father taking her to a bakery on Charles Street to buy a fig square once a week, she said. She also recalls when horse and buggies were the dominant form of transportation and said walking around the city was safer than it is today.

After World War II ended, she married Michael Maciocia, a North Providence native and veteran of the U.S. Army Air Corps. The two were married until his death in 2010.

The couple lived in Providence after their wedding and briefly owned a fish and chips restaurant in Warwick. They had two children, Michael, who lives in North Providence, and Gabriel, who splits his time between New Jersey and Florida.

In 1951, after they sold the restaurant, the family traveled in a Ford convertible across the country on Route 66 to California where they lived with Mary’s stepmother for six or seven months, Michael said.

“They were adventurous people to sell everything they had and throw two kids in the backseat of the car and drive across the country,” he said.

Maciocia said she didn’t like California and was glad to go home to Rhode Island, where their family settled in North Providence.

She said if she had to live another 100 years, she’d want to spend them in Rhode Island.

Maciocia was a jewelry designer by trade and also a seamstress who made her own wedding dress, Michael said.

Maciocia, who lives at Hopkins Manor in North Providence, enjoys playing bingo and watching TV. Michael visits every day and takes her for a drive when it’s nice outside, he said.

Her only wish for her 100th birthday, she says, is to spend time with her children and relatives.