DUI enforcement wins more grant funding

DUI enforcement wins more grant funding

NORTH PROVIDENCE – As a result of the North Providence Police Department’s ongoing crackdown on DUI violations and seat belt infractions, the department has won an additional $3,500 in funding from the Rhode Island Department of Transportation Office of Highway Safety.

Last October, the department received $13,745 from the state to augment patrols and enforcement in the following areas:

• DUI: $4,000
• Seat belts: $4,000
• Child seats: $1,745
• Speeding enforcement: $2,000
• Distracted driving: $2,000

“Due to the vigilant enforcement efforts of our officers,” said Chief David Tikoian, the state has allocated the additional $3,500, $2,000 of that for DUI enforcement and another $1,500 for seat belt enforcement.

“I have placed an emphasis of DUI enforcement during my tenure as chief. The ramifications of those who choose to operate a motor vehicle while under the influence go far beyond the operator,” said Tikoian. “Their decisions have the potential to affect families and loved ones in a very permanent and negative manner.”

The chief said he is confident that the vigilance displayed by local police officers in the area of DUI enforcement has prevented incidents of serious injury and fatalities from occurring.

“Removing impaired operators from our roadways will remain a traffic enforcement priority of this department, making our community safer for each of us,” he said.

The Breeze reported last month that local police had arrested 42 people on DUI offenses in 2019, compared to 27 DUI arrests at the same time a year earlier. Police ended up arresting a total of 73 people on DUI offenses in 2018. In 2017, there were 41 total arrests for DUI offenses.

The top four roads for arrests are Mineral Spring Avenue, Woonasquatucket Avenue, Smith Street, and Douglas Avenue.