Council to consider possible rules on trash bin storage

Council to consider possible rules on trash bin storage

NORTH PROVIDENCE – Town Councilor Mario Martone, at the request of one of his constituents, is asking colleagues to consider whether new rules on storage of trash and recycling bins should be implemented.

Martone, who was set to request that the matter be sent to the council’s ordinance subcommittee Tuesday evening, Aug. 6, said he received a call from someone regarding concerns on how residents store their bins between pickups.

“When I get concerns from constituents, I think they should get a fair shot,” he said. “I like to give it its due diligence.”

He said he doesn’t know if a certain solution is viable, but said the subcommittee will take a careful look at whether something could be done.

The resident who offered concerns mentioned two issues, said Martone.

• The unsightliness of the bins;

• And whether keeping them out in the open might make them more attractive to pests.

One solution mentioned by the constituent is that perhaps bins should be placed out of sight, he said.

“I don’t know how viable that is, especially with the layouts of some of the areas in town,” said Martone, but it can’t hurt for councilors to research what ordinances are in effect in other towns and whether any of their rules can be implemented here.

Asked whether he himself would be able to keep trash and recycling bins out of sight, Martone said he keeps his bins in his garage.

The town implemented a new automated trash collection program last fall, complete with large new charcoal-colored wheeled totes. That new program was intended to help clean up the look of the town and improve the town’s waste disposal rates through limited capacity. But in June, The Breeze reported that the town wasn’t seeing much improvement on reducing overall waste, as officials called for new education efforts.

Martone said this week that the council continues to focus much of its discussion on educational aspects of trash and recycling, the general consensus being that people want to do the right thing but don’t always know how to go about it.

Also Tuesday, the council was set to discuss and possibly vote on new rules related to mattresses discarded along city streets.