Monticello Street needs a new name

Monticello Street needs a new name

NORTH PROVIDENCE – Residents on Monticello Street in North Providence and Monticello Street in Providence have seen plenty of mix-ups when it comes to their mail over the years, but town officials are now looking to clear up the confusion.

At Tuesday’s Town Council meeting, members were set to take a possible vote, at the request of Councilor Stefano Famiglietti, to change Monticello Street in North Providence to another name.

“My goal would be to change the ending to avenue or boulevard,” said Famiglietti prior to that meeting. “Something like that so there is a distinction.”

Keeping Monticello in the name doesn’t seem to be an issue, he said.

Monticello Street in North Providence is located off Woodward Road north of Mineral Spring Avenue. Monticello Street in Providence is off Charles Street and Branch Avenue, about two miles away near the North Providence line. Both are short residential streets and both are located in the 02904 zip code, creating even more confusion.

There is also a Monticello Place in nearby Pawtucket, meaning “Place” is likely out in North Providence.

Google Maps automatically defaults to the Providence version of the street when typing in Monticello Street North Providence.

“That’s part of the problem,” said Famiglietti.

North Providence has a history of issues with street names. Back in 2014, four town streets were renamed because of duplicate names in other parts of town, a move required to get into compliance with the state’s 911 system.

The proposed change on Monticello appears to impact about 20 homes. Residents will have to go through the painful process of changing over the address on everything from tax bills to home deeds, credit cards to driver’s licenses.