Craft Crawl will highlight Pawtucket’s unique drink scene

Craft Crawl will highlight Pawtucket’s unique drink scene

The glasses that will be given to those who complete the Pawtucket Craft Crawl.

PAWTUCKET – There’s now little debate that the city is the unofficial craft capital of the state, says Anthony Hebert, the senior planner leading the effort to bring the inaugural Craft Crawl in September, and that success story should be celebrated.

Pawtucket’s most unique and recognizable draw is its four craft breweries and two distilleries, said Hebert, and the city is looking to “highlight it in any way we can.”

The Restaurant Week Committee is planning this first Craft Crawl for the same week as Restaurant Week, Sept. 22-28, to feature all six Pawtucket breweries and distilleries. Each establishment will be offering a unique drink special that week only.

Pawtucket’s reputation as a craft drink destination for tourists is certainly growing regionally, said Hebert, and this event will help further spread awareness. This year will be a trial run of sorts, he said, and based on the success of the event, it could become bigger next year and even be combined with the Pawtucket Arts Festival or have an awards component mixed in.

As part of the Craft Crawl, participants will have the opportunity to complete a passport card to be stamped by each brewery and distillery with a purchase. Once a participant has completed a card, they will receive a special prize mixing glass with the logo of each establishment on it.

“Our breweries and distilleries are what make Pawtucket unique and are drivers of economic development in the city, so we would like to support them as much as possible,” said Hebert.

The six craft establishments participating are The Guild, Foolproof Brewing, Smug Brewing, Crooked Current Brewery, White Dog Distilling, and Rhode Island Spirits.

Hebert said it was representatives of the city’s largest brewery, Lindsey O'Hara of The Guild, and small distillery, Alecia Catucci of White Dog Distilling, who first brought up the idea of the Craft Crawl, and the owners of The Guild will sponsor the prize glasses.

“The idea came from just the absolute explosion of craft beer and craft distilleries in Pawtucket,” co-owner Jeremy Duffy told The Breeze. “It’s an industry that should absolutely be celebrated.”

Hebert said while Pawtucket’s breweries probably have a bigger reputation than its restaurants right now, incorporating craft establishments into Restaurant Week can be mutually beneficial, as people like food with their drink. Someone might come for Restaurant Week and discover craft drinks along the way, or the other way around. “It benefits both sides,” he said.

Duffy said this event will support all Pawtucket breweries and distilleries, creating greater connectivity between food and beverage establishments in a city that’s on the rise.

“We’re super excited,” he said. “We’re all collectively doing this together, we’re all equals, we’re all celebrating.”